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That’s an Understatment

April 2, 2009

Dumb Song Titles All I Want From You (Is Away)All My Exes Live In Texas All the Guys that Turn Me On Turn Me Down Am I Double Parked by the Curbstone of Your Heart?Are You Drinkin With Me Jesus?Are You on the Top 40 of the Lord? At the Gas Station of Love, I Got the Self […]

You listen to Rock? But you are a CHICK!!!

March 15, 2009

Okay I have heard before that I do not exactly look like a Rock Chick but never was I told that to my face. What I beg to wonder is the way a Rock Chick should look like? The dark make up the fish net socks and the big shoes? Isn’t it that like a […]

Funny work situations

February 16, 2009

I received the most hilarious email from a new HR hired person which I never understood his position but coming to now. This guy’s job is to alert people who work a lot to have a life and not over work themselves as they are an asset to the company, So here is the email: […]

Hell There is Smoke Coming Out of your Nose

October 20, 2008

Here is the situation in a nut shell been sitting there numbly listening to my mum’s lecture about how I am drinking too much tea and coffee, not eating regularly, and smoking too much.. okay keeping in mind this conversation took place while I was smoking after having lunch and enjoying the after the meal […]