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Me Want One

April 5, 2009

515 Electric Mini E  boasts that the E’s brushless electric motor  drives the front wheels via a single-stage helical gearbox  to pump out 204 horse power turbo, 1.6-litre four cylinder smoothly on the road.  Need I say more?? Or Better off this one My birthday is coming focus  Advertisements

February 18, 2009

Among the blue smoke I simply sat feeling like floating while still in place wondering how wrong to feel this grace. I stopped wondering and swiftly float, to the far end with no clue to where I will go but it didn’t matter and I didn’t care. I knew it wouldn’t last this type of […]

Funny work situations

February 16, 2009

I received the most hilarious email from a new HR hired person which I never understood his position but coming to now. This guy’s job is to alert people who work a lot to have a life and not over work themselves as they are an asset to the company, So here is the email: […]

The occasional What Ifs

February 2, 2009

I stood in line at the coffee shop stand waiting for my turn to get my morning coffee not quiet awake yet waiting for the caffeine fix to wake me up. It is usually ordinary usually the same, the same faces the same people the same drinks but I was brought back to reality by […]

HEATH Ledger has won a Golden Globe award for his role as The Joker

January 18, 2009

As previously aniticpated by yours truely on my movies review on my other blog, HEATH Ledger has won a Golden Globe award for his role as The Joker in The Dark Knight. Ledger won the best supporting actor category at the awards, prompting a standing ovation from the audience of movie and TV stars. The […]

The Twilight series

January 4, 2009

Whoever knows me must know that I am a book and movie worm, lately as published on my movie blog I was so influenced by the movie “The Twilight” which was a love story based on a vampire who is in love with a mortal which is creepy and somehow dark settings which left me […]

When Despair Tells the Story

September 14, 2008

Sitting there all alone I waited for her to be on her ownLike always she simply sat there, in the dark with an empty stareI know it would happen cause that’s how its usually isShe sitting there thinking about all things she can not fixI was happy again as no one came to make her […]


August 11, 2008

Boredom filed his face as she sat there talking right next to him.. you could tell she had feelings for him and he had none for her. He sat there sloshing in his seat glancing around on the people coming and going with a non-caring face.. she kept on smiling, smart talking to grab his […]