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Time Goes By So Slowly

I have been thinking about the concept of time so much lately I feel It is passing way too slowly. May be Cause I am waiting for something that I want so much whenever I tell this to someone he or she thinks I am thinking about the sexual part but they could not be more wrong. I can not wait to be with Shamel, Now I have discovered that this is the most right and true decision I took through out my life.
Let me tell you something about me when I was a kid, I always thought I would never to get married, looking for protection and stability in a man give me a break I am more likely to find it in a burglar than in some guy who only wants to marry me for being his sex toy and a free of charge whore.
Well that was what I thought back then, when I grew up I discovered that my personality bits and let’s face it I am no Miss Egypt as well, I have mood swings that could make any person run as far as Mexico so its good I was not interested into marriage and pretty sure that any guy who would know that he would not get sex out of me will not be interested. Till I met him, I was a kid he was a womanizer but for some reason he decided to let me pass his list of sleep and toss. He had feelings for me for years, He waited for three years for me to change my mind during this he watched and talked to me about guys who are interested in me and never was unavailable he always made time for me even when he was the busiest at work or the fuck est at work.
Then I discovered my feelings and told him that we should give it a try a week later we were engaged, everyone who knew us could not believe that we took that step two of the most notorious bachelors and commitment phoebe decided to tie the knot to each other does not pass quietly. No freaking Way
Shamel, is very special he has such a beautiful soul, he does anything and everything in his power to make me happy, he looks at me like he is a baby who sees something beautiful for the very same time. He makes me feel like I am special and one of a kind. With him I feel safe and secure, every single time he would be visiting and when he is leaving I stand near the door and watch him go down the stairs and feel the distance grows between us my heart cracks and feel like a kid whose his parents is leaving him behind. I want to run and hang on to his hand and tell him to take me with him. I feel pain and void when we are apart.
When I hold his big hand in mine I feel warmth and true emotions oozing from them. He is one of a kind and I am glad that I can call him mine for the rest of eternity or at least till I am back in the ground (ISA) He is kind and have a pure heart, he is always the big man even if that means that some people think he is too coward to act. He can never hurt someone on purpose even if this person did him grave harm. I am glad I took the step to be with him but time passes by so slowly for us to be together.
When I was a kid and wanted school to begin I would complain to my father that the days are passing so slowly, he would tell me go to “The Garage where you get to fast forward the days” I believed him and tell him let’s go but he would tell me its closed today. Now I wish this garage exists and I would pass those month and a half and be together.

Sloppy, I love you to pieces Big one

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16 Responses to “Time Goes By So Slowly”

  1. I am speechless bgd, I feel that u opened ur heart and translated ur inner feelings to such beautiful words…

    Ur too both are blessed to huv each other 😀

  2. Begad Begad Mashaa Allah….wish u all the best ya Rab, i love this post gedan

  3. Awww! ❤
    Meen addak ya sloppy? =P

    Wish u 2 live happily ever after =*

  4. Saso, eih el hob da kollo?!!! keteer awy keda…Too much luv can kill u…:)

    bs Bravo 3aleiky for postin such a loving post….ya3ny!!

    Anyways, I have always told you that he’s tayyoub, haven’t I?

  5. A watched pot never boils ..LOL

    when’s the big day???? did you say when ?? I’ve been following but I don’t remember seeing the date.

    mabrook Sarah , your to be husband seems like a perfect guy for you , glad you’re finally happy =) , you deserve it.

  6. Very touching post sou..u both deserve all the happiness together.. And u are both lucky for finding eachother and i know shamel very well and i think if he hadnt met u he would have stayed bachelor forever.. Rabena yes3edko..

  7. How sweet… I know what you mean about it not being about the sex. It’s about being together, like really ‘together’.

    Beautiful words and though I don’t know him very well except in your comment sections and his interesting blog which I frequent occasionally, he seems like a pretty cool guy. You both deserve this. He waited for 3 years. That should say something. But, with a woman like you, who wouldn’t wait for 3 years, or even a life time?

    Best xoxoxo

  8. Oh Boss never seen this part in you I am glad you are happy always seen his effect on you and how he could ulter your mood whatever it is Hope you would be as happy as it get you deserve it. Now Ema is pocking me to sign out to comment so i will …
    Hope time goes by so much faster from now on 🙂

  9. Me and Paulo was checking out your blog cause he can not stop talking about word Press and we read your post together and I felt touched I know how hard for a Gemini to speak her heart out and I know it must have felt so big so you for you to put it out in the open like that. I am glad you found someone who makes you feel that specail you deserve it dear even though I have not met you yet but the things I have heard about you speaks of someone from a different time a girl with a guy’s attitude that is how Paulo puts it. Hope this does not offend you but he mean it in a well way. I hope you make it to the wedding and get over the whole nagging and preapring part which is the sucky part. Enjoy each other company and your life together and be good and well together. My advice never take it for granted treat every day like its the most specail and the last and you would live a full life. Take care dear and say hi to the lucky guy 🙂

  10. I am glad for you guys you deserve to be happy and well wish you all the best. Love & Peace

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  12. Well i’m quite as skeptic as u used to be i’m really glad u found ure shamel …I hope ill find mine one day

  13. WOW, very interesting personal post.

    Nice blog 🙂

  14. gosh, Sarah, you gave me goosebumps. You are so lucky to have Shamel, and him to have you. This is so rare and precious. I wish you to be with Shamel very very soon. and nurture this love with all you have. in the meantime, you put tears in my eyes….

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  16. that is so sweet (: allah ywafe2kom, and i guess you should enjoy this slow time. at least you have sth to wait for (:

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