Servo Quod Lost In In Man’s Terra
It’s a Dump Filled with abusive and in appropriate subjects and expressions if you are not cool with that go away, if you are then feel free to step right in :)



16 Responses to “Reflections”

  1. There is so much Pain, Anger, Darkness…

    Some of the pic are so scary coz I huv been one of those.. still is…

    God help us all

  2. Oh my dear that is very gloomy slide show and I thought the crack of laugh lifted you up. What is going on? I am not asking you to share it with me write about it you seem to be good with words write till your insides is empty or talk to your better half he seemed to get you out of the mood the last time, its good he can its a talent not all couples have. Use each other for support I am pretty sure things will lighten up soon. On the other hand I have to say I love the music its touching. I must say its about time to watch that movie. The weird thing is people either love it or hate it there is no middle ground about it. I will let u know ..

  3. Oh dear I am sorry you feel that way you should do like Ahriman told you lean on Shamel when you feel like that so you would not feel alone and he wouldn’t feel left out and useless. That way what you have done is instead of having one of you feel bad you made the two of you feel bad.
    This is the time where acting like a couple comes in order. Beside I think you are the most adorable couple I ever seen God Bless the Both of you. and One thing I agree about with Ahriman the music is amazing I do not know why Paul hate that movie?! between you & me I think he is jelious from Edward cause he know the guy played it, I mean how multi talented can you get plus being good looking..
    E7m, before Paul gets his temper up I would like to say for the record that PAULO IS MUCH MORE HANDSOME, CUTTER, AND TALAENTED than a a thousand Edward Cullons combined.
    Be Well girl and take care of you
    Sorry for the long comment

  4. Just for the record, I miss you 😀

  5. OH sorry about the mood but I can not believe that this has turned about Edward so what the guy is cute and handsome and can play the piano and sing not like he is a miracle worker is he. I am fed up from all the girls infatuation by him. Fuck Edward Cullen he is not real ladies he is MAKE BELIEVE. In real life he is probably a dick who could not care less about his partner .. And Ema do not think your little announcement saved your butt Missy we will have a little conversation when I get home “GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Fuck Edward Cullen”

  6. *Gets popcorn to watch this interesting convo* here Sarah, have a seat, this will be interesting

  7. OH Paulo you know you are my specail bunny and no vampire could take your place i am yours and you are mine “It was till death do us part remember” Not till Edward do us part. Grow up and have a little faith in.. 🙂 “Singing it like the original song in a sexy way not matching my ballon size”

  8. Ok, drop the popcorn 😦

  9. Honey you are sexy even if you were elephant size and yes this oath is the most precious and amazing thing I ever said in my life. it makes me yours forever what else i need I am greedy bustard indeed.

    Sloppy: Popcorn and seats we kaman inviting the boss daa badl mathadee el nefoos China you are not any more mate 😦

  10. M: God help us in deed 🙂

    Ahriman: You are right will try to write about it or go to Shamel he usually does the trick and get me out of the mood.
    As for the movie you should definitely watch it, it help me take the most important decision in my life. Watch it and download the Soundtrack you won’t regret it. Don’t know why people have this extreme feelings about this one though 🙂

    Ema: Glad you are feeling well, and you are right its about sharing and caring this is a relationship and WE should act accordingly which we are doing. As for the music it is called Bella’s Lullaby its amazing will give the entire soundtrack to Paul to give it to you you will enjoy it its amazing.

    Sloppy: Just for the record, I miss you to pieces.

    Paul: Grow out of this Edward hatting thing we know he is fiction and make believe and he is still good that does not make you bad or lesser of a good husband it just makes you an over jelious ahbel kid 🙂 Typical you ya3nee dont worry.
    Beside like Ema said you are the one who is there till death do you part what are you worrying about then?

    Sloppy: What goes around comes around let’s hope there will be nothing to watch we 2ela our day will come e7na kaman don’t you agree

  11. Oh how sweet Paul and Ema again watch out for the envious eyes.. Into mesh na2seen save it for the house

  12. Very true Boss we hyia mesh talba Em let’s save it to home i will be waiting on hot coal till i get home 😦

  13. Paul and Ema you are so sweet..

    Sou: What decision it help you take you made me very into watching it, will do it as soon as I can

  14. Oh, Paul, was pulling your leg mate, but I must admit, I do need popcorn

  15. The music is helwa awy…
    The pix r mo2athera showaya…

    and I am back…
    I am back in Egypt…
    I need some stuff…

  16. Oh mate if it was about the pop corn i would get you some Come on Boss get him some the cinema down stairs offers pop corn don’t be such a lazy thing

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