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The Plastic Cube

Have you ever got the feeling that you are completely isolated and nothing is coming in or out? You are completely and utterly trapped.
When something happens and it makes you feel that you are unaware of everything and everyone around you, the good or the bad. It is not a nice feeling, it has always got to me. When someone or something has leverage on me and I discover it too late. When the panic and the loose of control starts to rise and there is nothing you can do about it but stand, watch, and feel the feeling inside you grows bigger and bigger till it consumes your insides. It’s very bad to feel like that after you felt that you are all strong and mighty, you had a hardship, you handled it well or at least you thought so and nothing bad came out of it, no tails is attached to be bitten. Or again that is what you thought.
Then in one tragic moment, whether a meeting, a call, a look, a sentence you feel it all fall on you and you feel inside a gigantic plastic cube with no doors or windows you feel you are even unaware of the surroundings, the people, the calls, the meetings, anything. You even wonder how can you be breathing if you feel there is not air nothing is coming in and nothing is coming out. It’s a horrible feeling.
You suddenly realize that you are in a grip of something bigger than you are and this something could crash you simply cause it can and it only doesn’t cause it’s un-willing, It does not want to do that just yet, what is simply stopping it is the desire or the lack of it or “Not Feeling like Doing It Right Now” as I like to put it.
Let’s just sum it and say it is not pretty. May the plastic cube crash down soon. Or at least let’s hope so.

Moment’s soundTrack


9 Responses to “The Plastic Cube”

  1. I am sorry you feel that way I know the feeling you feel confined and out of place try to think of something else, I will not tell you try to solve the problem cause probably if you knew how obviously you would have done it already, Hang in and someday the plastic will crack

  2. OH Boss What happened I am sorry you feel that feeling I do not know if it is recent or you are writing about something that has passed but anyhow know that I am here to talk if you want to. Cheers Mate

  3. Hang on Sarah….Try to make a little crack in the tube and it will eventually vanish…Believe me…

  4. Ahriman: Yes feeling confined is a bad feeling You feel you can not go anywhere or do anything.. Hoping the plastic do crack someday..

    Paul: I know you are mate it’s fine.

    AbdelSalam: I would have loved to have more than a crack but I would settle with anything at the moment.

  5. Sarah… these are the times we get to discover ourselves the most.

    Great song.

  6. Nice song its so good Korn are good but don’t feel forsaken you are surrounded by people who loves you and mates who are ready to be there for you when the shit hits the fan this is more than enough. I love Stuart Townsend He is a kick ass mate and his acting abilities are amazing the movie “About Adam” is one hell of a movie you can never categorize him wether he is good or bad one fucked up script writer I am telling you but the only down side of the movie is Kate Hudson I don’t like her I adore her mum but she is just LAME BIG TIME

  7. Posh: You are right we discover ourselves and the people around us as well I couldn’t have said it better πŸ™‚
    You like Korn? Did not see that one coming I have to admit πŸ˜‰

  8. Angel What is with the name change if I may ask??
    You are right about Korn they are good but Disturbed Version of the song is much better admit it.
    I love Townsend as well I think he is the most controversial actor of all times you can never categorise him with his poker face and sharp looks you feel he could turn into a cold psychotic killer when you give him your back but he surprises you with a hug you know what I mean? You should watch The Night Stalker the show to get my point.

    As for Kate Hudsen let me just say one thing about her “WANNA BE” and I once again have to say talent is not genetically inherited people or passed through gene pool the fact that Goldie Hawn was a sweetheart does not make her one when will she get the news flash I wonder? It seems this is the night of wondering for me..

    As for the forsaken mode do not worry my better half took care of the feeling and I feel good as new. Thank God for having him around and Bless him for me “Amen”

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