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Me Want One

515 Electric Mini E 
boasts that the E’s brushless electric motor
 drives the front wheels via a single-stage helical gearbox
 to pump out 204 horse power turbo, 1.6-litre four cylinder smoothly on the road

Need I say more??

Or Better off this one

My birthday is coming focus 

52 Responses to “Me Want One”

  1. Duh?!!

  2. Boss did not know you are into cars, but that is easy I hear a birthday is coming up, Slop the ball in your court man.. 😉

  3. Paul, how I’d like to serve you with a gallows now 😛

    No problem, Your Junior gets a PS3 when he arrives, let’s see you affording CD’s 😉

  4. seriously Yuppie no worries about the CDs have a bunch of them already you just bring the big stuff and let me handle the rest 😉

  5. Did not know you are into cars yourself. Me, I like Big cars all the way, but this one is quiet impressive for a small car

  6. Hmmm,

    That gives me another option for a gift, which I will not utter here

  7. Paul: I am into cars but asking slop to get me one is too much 7aram 3aleek.
    Mesh keda Sloppy?

    Angel: To be honest I am not that into cars bikes are my thing, amazing and freeing like a bird 🙂

  8. aywa, 2ouleelhom

  9. You should get me a Jaguar 3ala el 2al2al mesh ele wa7ed be2mtoo

  10. ma dah asdy, el 3arabeyya di so3’ayyara awy

  11. I wanna one too !!!

    Thinking about the car I can afford :(( damn it

  12. it’s overpriced

  13. I agree but it is over wanted by ME 8)

  14. Bikes you know definitely made my day I mean check this beauties out and tell me why in earth would you want four wheelers

  15. OMG.. Angel those are beauties on wheels I would never ever want to own a four wheeler again.. I heart those:)

  16. OH come on Boss these are for people who are young reckless and want to get out of life more than getting into it. Its fit for a young teenager filled with testosterone and the urge to prove something.. For God’s sake don’t think about it

    Angel: Come on dont give her ideas 😉

  17. Gents, bikes are for pretenders of getting high on life

  18. Oh come on Paul have you ever been on a bike it is the absolute and utter freedom the air on your face the road ahead and nothing there to block your vision you should try it 🙂

  19. Paul: Do you mean to say I am old I like bikes Paulo its so cool and amazing and freeing like angel said nothing there but the wind and space what more can you ask for, you would not know until you try it

  20. As I always said the only thing good about bikes is the quick end, no suffering, just the accident and Bang, you’re dead

  21. As an answer to your Q no i have never tried it.. cause it usually ends up

    the air on your face the road ahead and nothing to block your vision but the asphalt on your face.. I’d rather wait for Junior

  22. SLop once again we agree

  23. Gents, if you know what you are doing it will not be a fast end with asphalt on your face it would be a prolonged pleasure to wherever you go 🙂

  24. Paul, what can I say, great minds 😉

  25. Angel I could not agree more I myself suffered a bike accident but not cause I was on two or four wheels cause i laked the know how but once its there nothing to worry about 🙂

  26. That’s it, I rest my case, I’m out of here

  27. Shamel someone we know died on a four wheeler not cause of anything but cause her time was up even if she was driving a five wheels car it would not have mattered

  28. You know quite well that this applies to anything, I can die in the bathroom taking a leak, but it doesn’t mean I’ll go kiss a snake in the mouth.

  29. Yes but since you will die on a certain time in a certain way and you like to kiss the snake you might as well do it cause if your time is up it is up whether you did it or not whether you did what you wanted or not

  30. Guys, Gals bikes are cute and amazingly appealing, and very nice but let’s stay away from them shall we?

  31. Might as well cut your wrist and say it was my time, the whole logic is faulty.

    Don’t put yourself in harm’s way and then say it’s time.

    My favourite proverb “mat3aresh teezak lel debban we te2oul dah 2amr el ra7man”

    Make any sense?

  32. be3’ad el nazar 3an modo3 teezak daa bass you are not putting your self in harms way any more than when you drive a car its the same, the road, the odds, the bad drivers, the stupid walkers. the whole nine yards.

  33. Except I have a metal cage around me taking the hit for me.

  34. Guys chill may we be safe on our bikes, cars, feet everywhere.
    And I can not believe you got my saying a prayer here Boss you are a bad influence “Running hiding under the bed”

  35. Hhehe Why Paul, don’t you pray ever ??

  36. I am trying to convience you to drive a bike and it is fine but making you pray is bad.. you got your logic all twisted up. don’t u think?

  37. No Angel I Don’t
    Boss: I like my logic as it is thank you very much

  38. Me want one too
    : )

    but it’s unexplainly expensive .

  39. Sorry for me pushing you to pray can you pray that I am forgiven ? 🙂

    Jim: Yes, It is the Honda Bikes on the other hand is not :)Give it a try

  40. Boss Will take you to church myself and you pray what do you think of that ??

    Jim: Stick with expensive cars you will live and not get that cheap bike you will die and get 🙂 just a word of advice

  41. Jim take a look for yourself ..

    P: Party Pooper 😦

  42. I’d recommend a Jaguar

  43. A maserati is not a bad option as well

  44. Is it one of ur favorites Slop?

  45. One of them

  46. Nice car sure will get you one on your BD Slop or may be just the wheel

  47. Here’s a deal, you get me the Jaguar, I’ll get me the chauffeur 😉

  48. I just noticed the “My birthday is coming” bit.

    I’m assuming you require one of these for your birthday, by all means, pick one 🙂

    Now, which photo of these would you like?

  49. Loooool I can’t believe shamel used the origin quote in public :DD

    Sarah: to get u this, lazem nelmlek lemodet 10 years 2odam hope tekoni fit at that time :p

  50. I am gonna fit le7ad mamoout according to Shamel’s Calculations would not be long if I accepted the gift but its rude not to accept it right Shamel you are the one teaching me about the posh people’s aticate “know i spelled it wrong”

  51. Ouch, that was way under the belt

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