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12 Hours

Been a weird weekend not to say the least filled with a lot of things which I will not try to explain nor categorize not cause of anything but that I am tired ..
Yesterday I slept from 6 PM till 6 AM, doing this in our house is a big thing cause we are 6 persons in a 2 bedroom apartment so I need to block out a lot of noise and I am a light sleeper so I must have needed it.
Do not know if that was escaping or being tired or being out of million things. But I did. Woke up with a soar shoulder from sleeping on one side for a long time. I need to start doing a lot of small things that used to make me feel happy, it would matter it made me hang on for a long time and now is the time I need them the most.. Let’s try to fix things and FIX ME  is the first on the to do list. Let the fixing begins..
I leave you with a song that has left an impression on me..

Never Tired                                                               “Miss those days”

Hey what’s up, how do you do? I think I know you

I think I’ve met you way before I ever saw you.

When constellations knocked my door, my intuition,

I felt the light of something more, like a recognition.

Settle down, settle down, can you feel me?


Turn around, turn around, look who’s waiting here for you,

I’m not going anywhere, I’m never tired.          

Turn around, look around, tell me can you see my face?

Tell me can you hear my voice? I’m never tired.


And as the butterflies arrived, I got the feeling

of planets working to align, with a subtle meaning.

When this electric feeling comes, like flowers falling,

Like heaven dancing in the sun, I wanna take it all in.

Settle down, settle down, can you feel me?

And when I think I’m done, it haunts me again

It takes me back, cuz it’s

not what I became, a face without a name.

Never Tired – Bad Apple


31 Responses to “12 Hours”

  1. Nice picture and I am glad you took the step of fixing nobody will do it for you girl so let’s put on those overall and start 🙂
    I tried to find this song but its not on P2P?? Where can I find it? Knowing you its rockish, rite?

  2. I agree with Arch Angel the picture is nice 🙂 but WOW 12 hours you have gone to the other extreme from not sleeping at all to over sleeping but your body probably needed it 🙂 as for the fixing yes do that I have noticed you are deepened with your bad mood but did not want to be a burden myself but I am a door away if you need to talk 🙂

  3. Angel I digged the picture as well reminded me of good times.. As for the song you will not find it on P2P cause it is not officially out yet I know the band so they send it to me off the record ;)and Yes it is rockish indeed its me so it has to be

    Paul: Yes I think me body needed it indeed.. and thanks I know you are a good china Paul Thanks for taking my shit 🙂

  4. Love the pic babe.

    Things should be rolling from now on I think.

    Hugs xoxoxox

  5. 12 hours !!

    That’s something..

    Love the song and I can’t find it too.

    A link would help 😉

  6. Wow you are friends with the band are you like a groupie or a special fan or what, do not feel offended I mean having an unreleased song is a big thing that bands do not do that often.. Are they local??

  7. Slop: Let’s hope so 🙂

    M: Thanks the song is not available for downloaded now and I promised not to distribute it will ask them and get back to you babe I am not big about promises but when I make one I like to keep it, please do not think I am being an ass.

    Arch: No, I am not a groupie and I did not get offended I do not mind being a groupie for a band I like.
    Yes they are local they are called Bad Apple no, I am not that connected to get an unreleased song for a famous band, not yet anyway 🙂

  8. I like people who are passionate about something they like.. May be someday the band would be bigger and so will you perhaps you could be into PR if you are that into music.. What do you think?

  9. PR mmmm do not know about that but it sounds like a cool thing to work in something you love. its like having a hobby as a job that would just rock

  10. Its a lovely feeling and its a job you could shine in cause you are passionate about a very rare thing only the lucky ones land a job like that let’s hope you are one of those bunch 🙂

  11. Let’s hope so

  12. Allow me to disagree I for one am good at what I do but I do not like it. I am very good at it get things done but its just a pay cheque for me that doesn’t mean I love it

  13. Well Paul you can be good at it but you wouldn’t be the best or enjoy it. like you said it will always and forever be a pay check for you got what i mean?

  14. I see your point arch and Paul unfortunately it is true 😦 For instance you would make an excellent DJ but now you are just a good sales man 🙂

  15. DJ???! Paul I wouldn’t have guessed you are full of surprised dude 😉

  16. Boss you are the one who spelled the beans this time but being a DJ wont pay the rent.. Trust me I tried..

  17. Actually, I agree with Paul.

    I’m one of the best at what I do in this country, and these are testimonials by numerous recruiters, but, I don’t like it anymore.

  18. Slop: You do not like it anymore meaning you used to like it and hence you are good at it

  19. No, it means other interests have developed in my life other than work in general.

    At first it was a passion, now it’s just a means for providing a living.

  20. Good point Slop

  21. Very well said and it is a good sign it means you are evolving and growing up 🙂

  22. See Shamel gr8 minds think alike 🙂

  23. Paul, btw, how are things going, when are we gonna meet China?

  24. Owwwwwwwwwwwww your slang is evolving mate that is wicked 🙂 We will meet soon as soon as Em get’s out of the balloon mood

  25. How is Em by the way Paul??

  26. She is okay getting impatient by the day and I feel she is the biggest pregnant woman I have ever seen but I have never seen someone cutter but wish we would be done soon. Hey are you on for coffee?

  27. Oh that is nice. We are on for the coffee let’s do it now before the day gets crazy, meet in the smoking alley in 5?

  28. You are on

  29. I normally sleep from 10 to 12 hrs in weekends and vacations, sleeping is sth holy in my life! =D

    but u r insomniac and have sleeping issues, how u made it to 12 hours?!

  30. Ice: I have absolutely no idea how I managed to do that may be my body was getting back at me may be my whole escaping mode but it was a weird thing I give you that. Do not know how you manage to have 10 to 12 hours regularly on weekends it left me feeling like I was dead for a while if you managed to do that then you really are something 🙂

  31. Lol really? Then that’s why my shrink focused on my sleeping pattern when my mum nervously told him abt it =D

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