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You listen to Rock? But you are a CHICK!!!

Okay I have heard before that I do not exactly look like a Rock Chick but never was I told that to my face. What I beg to wonder is the way a Rock Chick should look like? The dark make up the fish net socks and the big shoes? Isn’t it that like a little bit stereotyping Seriously.

I arrived to work today totally tired and dreading the work load I have although I have been having good night sleep but it seems to me that I was better off when I was not sleeping but heck the grass is always greener on the other side right?
Anyhow headed to the coffee corner and wanted to get some caffeine in to shake the zombie like feeling I had so here I am numbly, half asleep heading to the coffee machine and putting only one headphone in my ear to hear the “Good Mornings” I used to miss and offend people. So I am standing there waiting for the fresh pot to be ready to be greeted by this guy which I do not know his name but he seems to know mine someone who works in the same company and so we regularly meet in the coffee corner, the smoking room so my basic knowledge of him is that he drinks coffee and smokes PERIOD. He stood beside me and all of a sudden looked at the headphone dangling from my ear and with the music coming loudly from it declaring that a hard core music is being played in the other ear. He tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention and this is how its goes:
Him: Hey,, the music is really load huh?
Me: *Nodded* Yes.
Him: You listen to hard rock huh?
Me: Looked at him and wanted to congratulate him on stating the obvious but refrained. Yeah I do..
Him: Who are they?
Me: Sighed: Disturbed, they are.. “He quickly cut me off”
Him: You listen to Disturbed? But they are hard core I mean they play heavy stuff..
Me: Yes.. and..
Him: Looked at me thoroughly and said in a very smart surprised tone..: But you are a chick..

I looked at him in amazement and what came out was..
Me: Yes, thanks for noticing..
Him: I did not mean it but don’t girl like listen to boy bands?

By now the coffee pot was ready thank God Was tempted to hit him on the head with it but I refrained again. I really need a Pat on the shoulder for handling my temper and made my coffee and looked at him and excused myself.
The schmuck..
Really No Comment

12 Responses to “You listen to Rock? But you are a CHICK!!!”

  1. Interesting indeed, the guy’s got gutts, I’ll grant him that.

  2. Excuse him Sarah but you know most of the egyptian (So-called chicks)
    listen to Tshamer hosty and ehab tanhee2… Not many listens to Alternative Rock..or hard rock or metal bands.

  3. Oh Lala men daa el ahbal el ma3ana 3ashan 2aroo7 atfarag 3alih we ad7ak shwyia.. 🙂
    I am glad you held your temper cause that Coffee pot would have caused him a minor migraine and then we would have known who is the check 🙂

  4. hey whats up your ass you are a chick and chicks do not listen to rock, you will grow out of it give the guy a break for stating the un obvious

  5. Lol i adore this Egyptian stereotypes, heavy metal heads r satanists and chicks don’t listen to rock music! =S

  6. Well, Sarah, honestly… I get surprised when GUYS, not just girls, tell me they listen to real noncommercial, rock, metal, death doom, gothic metal, etc. This kind of music is indeed heavy and not all people are capable of it.

    I, on the other hand, love it so much and I love the death doom beat of Draconian. It fills my head, my heart and to me it is light. To many others, it is quite heavy.

    So, I always have such a reaction towards others and I am always reacted to in such a way…

    LOL. I hope I am not a schmuck too in your opinion 😛


  7. Slop: Yes he does and I literally emphasis that it is guts this time.

    3absol: Yeah I know what you mean..

    Paul: I showed you the guy he is very “weird” in his own way..
    I am not a chick by any means..

    The obvious high doubt this is the obvious but he already did with or without my break So here..

    Oh lucky you it pisses me off most of the time

    It is not that fact that I do or do not listen to Rock music it is how he said it very surely like rock music is restricted to guys. I can see where you are coming from regarding of people when someone tells me how do you listen to such noisy stuff “ra2a3 we 7’abet” like my mum call them.. but something about this guy that ticked me off he was so full of himself if you know what I mean..
    For me this sort of music is liberating hearing your own emotions and thought being so powerfully and strongly put is enlightening to me.. Am I making sense?

  8. and no that does not make you a schmuck.

  9. I would love to see the pot on his face !!!

    I think rock chicks kinda huv black outfits wiz really dark lipsticks and finger nails but not the socks lol

    Love the pic by the way ;))

  10. Sarah,

    hehe okay thanks for the clarification. I get your point. Yes, some people have very bad condescending attitudes.

    Well, I wanted to add something. That we can listen to the music and be connected with the culture and literature behind this music (in my case, gothic) and not even look it.

    Simply, I listen to the music but I don’t wear the uniform.

  11. My sister used to consider the music I like and all that’s metal in general some sort of “ra23 we 7’abt” but apparently now she’s a fan of Metallica, Opeth and SOAD as well!!

    Even Mom started to like some tracks for Metallica!!

    So I’m pretty it has nothing to do with gender or lifestyle!!

    It won’t be a degrading summary if I said I just listen to Fairuz and Metal, the thing which might generate some contradicting forces, I think!!

    OH.. And I’d really love to see the pot on his face too!! ^^

  12. Hawk lol But I must say that’s some cool mother you’ve got there if she can like and tolerate metallica. I myself need to be in a certain mood for metallica and opeth. But, that’s cause I am not that into thrash metal and black metal and progressive metal. I am more into the much slower sound and tempo of death doom.

    Whatever wets our boats.

    But, yeah it has nothing to do with how we look or present ourselves in public, though it may.

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