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Okie lately I have been having time laps meaning that I would be sitting waiting for a check at a coffee place or restaurant and suddenly I would find myself left with the change and not remembering when I have paid and when did the guy actually took the money. Trivial you would say? Okie, I did not mind it either I mean if they are just about minutes.
But, when I over look days now that in my book when the shit hits the fan. I have missed like a semi week. Woke up today convinced that today is Monday may be even Tuesday to be hit in the face with the fact that its Thursday and I have missed AN IMPORTANT AND MAJOR DEADLINE. WTF?!!!!!!!!

I could not believe myself and kept on starring at the calender on the phone and shaking my head in disbelief. When the fuck did that happen? was the only thought in my head.
Tried to fix things up but they were royally fucked.
This time I have outdone myself..


Devastation! Obliteration!

All to the point of exacerbation,

There’s no explaining my situation,

Now, why does this shit keep happening to me?”

The Curse – Disturbed 

12 Responses to “TIME LAPS”

  1. Memory laps plus contstant headaches seriously Boss you need to get your head check and I do not mean it in a bad way seriously medical check up is @ order

  2. Check up cause of a headache exaggerating a bit are we Paul?

  3. Do not wanna worry you my friend but headache and memory laps usually means something is blocking the blood from running smoothly through the veins in the brain and that is not something to take lightly go do the check up and go home worry free what is there to loose.
    Or the big boss is scared of the doctors ?? 😉

  4. Very Re-assuring Paul thanks

  5. “There’s too many men, too many people
    Making too many problems
    And there’s not much love to go around
    Can’t you see this is a land of confusion?”
    its not you… its the world!

  6. Ooo Dear sarah, u work too much…these’re symptoms of stress, work overload and pressure..and workaholism. Take some time off Sarah…take some time off and sleep well…

    Thank heaven I am coming soon…

    Be well dear friend.

  7. Oh hayati, don’t take this seriously coming from cause I am your number hypochondriac, but I second Paul. Just go get medical reassurance. I would’ve been at the doctor’s by now 😉 But that’s just hypochondriac Posh.

    Did you fix what was ‘royally’ fucked?

  8. Maya: i totally get where u r coming from 🙂
    Mazen: i guess i am l ucky that a long weekend is on the way then and i have three off days and i am glad u r coming too my friend 🙂 lets hope by resting or at least trying this would go away

    Posh: did not know u r like that u see i am the absloute oppisite doctors are not my cup of coffee at all i think i have seen more of the ER than i saw of a doctor’s clinics but hey thats just me.
    As for fixing things it was beyond fixing i was sad that the person involved was so sweet to me about it i would have rather have him being mean if you know what i mean 😦

  9. Sarah,

    Very true, I believe this weekend will help indeed.

    Innate is right, it’s over-stress that’ll be the main reason, you do need a break, hopefully soon we’ll manage to squeeze a break into this hectic schedule we both have.


    I hope you enjoy your stay here.

  10. I don’t want to lecture you how “stress” affects your cardiac and nervous system! =P
    So plz…take a break take a kitkat =D

  11. ICe: Kitkat shoot I am on a diet dude this will go straight to the hips 🙂 never understood why everything good goes to the hips nothing goes to the eye brows maslaan 🙂

  12. Lol yeah, once on the lips str8 to the hips =P
    mesh 3aref lih, 7aga sakheefa fe3lan =D

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