Servo Quod Lost In In Man’s Terra
It’s a Dump Filled with abusive and in appropriate subjects and expressions if you are not cool with that go away, if you are then feel free to step right in :)


Sometimes, I wonder if this would be all what life has to offer and If  I will still want to be around.
Sometimes, I think that I am living beside every one Else’s waiting for what I have no idea.
Sometimes, I think I am not like every one else which is not a good thing, wouldn’t it be better if I was just another typical dumb girl.
Sometimes, I think about the dead to the extend that I over look the living.
Sometimes, I feel so filled with words that nothing comes out at all.
Sometimes, I think I have a glitch in my mind that makes it work in a way different from other people.
Sometimes, I feel life is just a passage we take to something bigger.
Sometimes, I feel like I want to fade away.
Sometimes, I think that I think too much.
Sometimes, I want to go the roof top and scream my lungs out.
Sometimes, I feel like I am chasing a mirage.
Sometimes, I want to be cruel and mean just for the fuck of it.
Sometimes, the things I like the most seems completely and utterly meaningless.
Sometimes, I feel that I should be somewhere else doing something else but have no clue what that is.
Sometimes, I want to be like a burning cigarette that just burns out and die in a flicker.
Sometimes, I wish I was a butterfly.
Sometimes, I think I am like the fallen angel.
Sometimes, I hate everyone around including myself.
Sometimes, I miss being numb.
Sometimes, I think I would rather be hurt and alone than loved and accompanied.
Sometimes, I feel like I am a conundrum that is not supposed to be understood even by me.
Sometimes, I miss the agonizing feeling of a blade cutting through your skin.
Sometimes, I wish I was a movie that eventually will end with the credit list.
Sometimes, I feel like saying meaningless things like this post.

5 Responses to “Sometimes”

  1. That is be far the weirdest thing you ever wrote. Cheer up boss things could be a lot worse

  2. Paul,

    I have to disagree with you. I personally *hate* it when people ask me to ‘cheer up’ although they do it with good intention.

    But, I would like it when my friends just allow me to be, let me be whatever I want to be. Life doesn’t always have to be light, trivial and about jokes. Sometimes it involves feeling certain uncommon things, and thinking about certain deep and profound things. And although things could be worse, it’s okay to feel these things…

    I don’t know. That’s my two cents. It just pisses me off that some friends don’t understand that I think in a certain way sometimes and that part of me is influenced by the gothic culture and literature of pain and misery (such as edgr allan poe or john milton or baudelaire) and I like to live it for the sake of living it.

    Sorry Paul if I sounded like I’m coming hard on you but your words and attitude hit home for me.

    Sarah, I love this post. You’ve actually mentioned a few things with which I can relate. Do you really sometimes think or feel all these things?

  3. Posh:
    I do understand where are you coming from but I have to say for some people it is just bad for them to dwell on negativity like the bad times and the harsh times that passes through life I am not saying that they are not there but I would say pass them swiftly or else they will end up consuming you I do not mind feeling down but I am very Pro the saying “zee7 men dema3’ak” which means do not think about it.
    And it is okay you did not come on too harsh anyway 🙂

  4. “I feel life is just a passage we take to something bigger. “

    That one is so deep and wise

    “I want to go the roof top and scream my lungs out.”

    I wanna do that all the time, we should share a roof and start screaming!!

    ” I think I would rather be hurt and alone than loved and accompanied.”

    Sometimes, I huv this thought too maybe that’s why I can’t open my heart and luv again, getting used to the lonely life

    Loved the post, most amazing sincere one

    Ps: sorry 4 not checking on u, pretty busy wiz new decorations in the pharmacy :((

  5. Paul:
    Thanks for trying to making me feel better but you know me the bad usually makes me appreciate the good or sometimes makes me feel like I am saner and more healthy which is weird but Can not be helped.

    I know where you are coming from totally but do not let people around you even close ones tell or make you feel something you don’t or you end up not knowing are you feeling like you do cause you actually do or cause you are supposed to.
    As for your question yes all these are truly feelings I get.. Sometimes.

    Everyone feels like that sometimes do not apologise about not asking you are busy so is the rest of the human race. That only means you are .. mm Human.
    Good luck with the new decorations 🙂

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