Servo Quod Lost In In Man’s Terra
It’s a Dump Filled with abusive and in appropriate subjects and expressions if you are not cool with that go away, if you are then feel free to step right in :)

Among the blue smoke I simply sat feeling like floating while still in place wondering how wrong to feel this grace. I stopped wondering and swiftly float, to the far end with no clue to where I will go but it didn’t matter and I didn’t care. I knew it wouldn’t last this type of feeling could never last.

I kept on floating from here and there without any notice without any care, I knew at one point he will appear and his cold touch will make me feel shedders like penetrating spears. I could do not care less how it always made me blue and his cruelty which I always pursue.

But he was my friend and he was always there in my moments of weakness and despair. He was always around when I felt low and kept telling me that he is bestowed. The one who offers all peace and serine, all the things that I wished were mine. I was floating in the place and creeping slowly here and there, till from the corner of my eyes I saw him appear with his shinny posterior and cold touch.

 He slowly came with beauty and grace, with a grin on his face he welcomed me, I knew this time he wouldn’t let me be. We started coming closer and held out our hands.

Calmness and serenity filled me and his coldness sipped through my fingers like melted mercury. I looked to his eyes and through his soul feeling we are one and I have to go. It was filled with colors and Silhouettes, severing all the ties that we once thread. Fogging seeped through my brain and I let go without any vain.

Suddenly it was quite and nothing was there, a body lied on the ground bare with nothing but a burned cigarette and a gun barrel with smoke coming out of it. 


10 Responses to “”

  1. I am guessing the person never knew that this was the peaceful part the after life is usually worse. Let’s hope not for his sake

  2. Do not know why I guessed he was a “HE” though?

  3. Well Paul lets hope that you are right but I guess the few moments of grace made his life worth a while back when he had it.
    Damn do not know why I used he as well? A he is he anyway 🙂

  4. OH Boss I knew he is a he do not ask me why. That being said, let me say something about the blue smoke grace time they are usually fake a mirage there is graceful moments of life that makes it worth it without puffing the magic dragon if you know what i mean 😉

  5. This magic dragon of your’s Paul, hope it’s not the one I think it is;)

  6. Slop, I see that great minds think alike 🙂

  7. Let’s say that great minds have the same knowledge, for me a magic dragon is not an answer.

    A pint of beer though;)

  8. Why is it that Puff the magic dragon get mentioned on my blog? Remember Shamel the last he was mentioned?
    But Come on Puff is cute I like him

  9. It was mentioned before? When?
    You like puff the magic dragon? Wow boss thats so cute of you.. LOL Obviously you have no clue what the song was all about?

  10. Well Paul that was a 61 comments long post check it out its easier that way, then we can talk 🙂

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