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Again Déjà Vu

Well I really need to talk about this to get it out of my system ever since yesterday the sense of happened before has been killing me it is so weird yes I have been through this before and it went away all on its own but this time it seems I am unable to shake it. This feeling went away when we were invited to a wedding me and Shamel my fiancee and I could not help to feel that this is new but till this very moment even me sitting down writing this post seems oddly familiar. Although my life through out this week has been nothing but that. My sister got divorced again and moved in to our house something that never got to that phase before. My brother decided to kick a habit that was harmful to him and move on also something that never happened before. I ditched work yesterday something I never done. I did not answer any business calls through
 out the day something that is so not me. So you see technically speaking I have been doing a lot of “New” things but it did not feel that way.
The thing that have to be mentioned the wedding we attended a luxuries wedding that cost around 3/4 million LE held in The Four Seasons hotel was nice that it required me to receive my Valentine’s gift early which was a soiree dress to match the occasion I am sorry to say that it cost my fiancee a fortune but he says I looked dazzling and I better have been taking into consideration how much he paid for it.. Here is the pictures of the event the ones we could take anyway

Us while we were on our way out

The setting before the bride and groom arrived

33 Responses to “Again Déjà Vu”

  1. You did look dazzling and I am pretty sure your fiancée did not mind spending much cause he enjoyed looking at you through out the night. I am pretty sure he wanted to put a cape on you to prevent the womenizers eyes from taking a peek and he enjoy looking at you on his own 😉 how did i know.. well its a typical guy thing.

    Anyhow, as for the Deja Vu feeling there is this heory being explored is that of vision. As the theory suggests, one eye may record what is seen fractionally faster than the other, creating that “strong recollection” sensation upon the “same” scene being viewed milliseconds later by the opposite eye.
    I hope I helped

  2. M.El:
    Thanks for the compliment *blushes*
    As for your explanation or the theory as you put it..
    this one fails to explain the phenomenon when other sensory inputs are involved, such as the auditive part, and especially the digital part. If one, for instance, experiences déjà vu of someone slapping the fingers on his left hand, then the déjà vu feeling is certainly not due to his right hand experiencing the same sensation later than his left hand considering that his right hand would never receive the same sensory input. Also, persons with only one eye still report experiencing déjà vu or déjà vécu. The global phenomenon must therefore be narrowed down to the brain itself (say, one hemisphere would be late compared to the other one). At least that is what I know..

  3. Well
    First of all its no compliment..
    Second of all you got me there, I have no clue then what could cause this. When you know, let me know

  4. You did look dazzling, as usual.


    You’re right about one thing, I didn’t want people staring, I was scared of the evil eye, you know the singles looking at my woman and envying me.


    Again, I tell you that these deja vu incidents are very normal, I’ve been having them for a long time, it just doesn’t get to me anymore, learn to accept them, they’re only worse when you focus on them

  5. Hello SaRaH,
    I personally experience deja vu, or that cloudy state of mind whenever I am uder stress or anxious. The feeling that you are observing yourself doing stuff. It might be that because you experienced many new things this week, some of them not pleasant, you are in an anxious state. Thus this feeling…
    At least that works for me!
    mabrouk for the dress!

  6. You really look pretty Boss and do not worry about the cost its the husband role to be the money spender.
    As for the sense of Deja Vu will pass away you know what they say what goes up must come down Let’s hope it will be on its way down soon

    We will miss you pal.. why are you stopping that is bad.. “Kont 3amel 7ess lel matra7” like the boss used to say.. feel free to add me on gmail
    Talk to you soon

  7. M.El:
    Thanks Buddy

    Go Enjoy Sahl 7ashish or I will confiscate your laptop

  8. Hey Boss how did you know I am in Sahl 7ashish? “scratching head in wondering”

  9. LOL El7edyia 2aletlee.. go back in time and remember who you told ya sotal

  10. aha now it makes sense.. No need to confiscate my laptop, will go enjoy the sun and the fun with the Mrs. Pray she would not go in labour now. that will kind of ruin the weekend, do not you think?

  11. Amen to that 🙂

  12. YAY my web browsing is working from the fone its amazing long live the E63

  13. due to circumsrances i will refrain from commenting on the blog anyone intrested can get my personl info from sou take care people and bye

  14. WoW love the dress , green looks v.good on u

    u too look amazing ;)) Happy u had fun

  15. E63? What happend to your beloved IPhone??

  16. She replaced it last thursday if I remember correctly

  17. So is the E63 nicer she was very excited about the IPhone I myself think that Nokia is easier to handle but to be honest and I do not mean to rub it in her face for a music lover the sound quality in Macs can not be beaten.. Tough luck

  18. I am going to call your wife and ask her to unplug your connection GO ENJOY YOUR OFF TIME YA EBNY who knows when you are going to have a vacation like this again when the baby comes you Moran Get out of here..
    But you are right about the voice quality I found that too late 😦 May be I should get an IPod if any one wants to buy my a present buy my an IPod “Smiling as sweetly as I can”

  19. Ok, next month, you get one 🙂

  20. Sloppy:
    I didn’t mean you

  21. Still, you’ll get one next month:)

  22. i should say the dress is very very nice and honestly u both look stunning mashaa Allah 🙂

  23. I think the Ipod 60 GB will be good..

  24. You look so pretty where if I may ask did you get that dress? With my ballon belly no way it would fit but I hope I will not be that size for long 🙂

  25. Thanks Dear its from a store in Mohandeseen called Jimmy Hayes but be ware it is expensive Costed Shamel a fortune 😦

  26. Don’t think about it that dear I am sure he paid it gladly 🙂 Trust me they usually do 8)

  27. My wise Rose yes we are usually glad I mean I bought to Junior so many clothes and nothing made me feel happier

  28. Me Rose? *Blushes* and yes I know you did but our ATM were not happy since they all MAXED OUT 😉

  29. Of course you are love.. ATM Shoot I know I should have hide those bank statement Stupido

  30. Paul & Ema:
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL you guys just made my day and I can not stop laughing :)))))))

  31. Paul,

    Perhaps you can give me some advice of where to buy stuff, I’m new at this.

  32. Shakleek mozza gedan fe elfostan elgedid we 3o2bal far7eek

  33. Nafasek ma3ana wel nabi

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