Servo Quod Lost In In Man’s Terra
It’s a Dump Filled with abusive and in appropriate subjects and expressions if you are not cool with that go away, if you are then feel free to step right in :)


Have not been tagged in quiet a long time and but I have been tagged recentyl by Paul the newest blogger around the block so I have to answer that one so I would not burst his bubble. So here we go..

Favorite color: Blue and brown

 Favorite perfume (guys): Fahrenheit

 Favorite perfume (girls): Elizabeth Arden

 Favorite pj brand: Marks and Spencer

 Favorite clothes brand in general: Zara

 Favorite person in the entire world: My nephew and my fiancée not in any particular order

 Favorite country: Prague

 Favorite car: Mini baby.

 Favorite sport: Volleyball

Favorite sport player: Albert Hannemann

 Favorite spot in the World: The old city in Prague

 Favorite animal: Fishes “not really a pet person

 Favorite movie: Fight Club

 Favorite singer: Captain Robert from Abney Park

 Favorite day in the week: Saturday

 Favorite time of the day: Dawn

 Favorite holiday season: Valentines

 Favorite number: 1

 Favorite food: Chicken

 Favorite chocolate: After Eight

Favorite cartoon: Tom & Jerry

 Favorite blogger: quiet a lot, Shamel, Posh Lemon, Maram, and Mazen

 Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Misteeka do not know this one in English

 Favorite Mobile Brand: Nokia

 Favorite name: Anas, Yaseen

Favorite hobby: Reading

Favorite room in my house: Anywhere empty around the house.

Favorite Fruit: Apples

Favorite flower: Daisies.

Favorite Quran Reciter: Masharee Rashed

Favorite Ayah: Al Rahman

Favorite Website: Google and Post a secret

I tag Mazen, LifeGeeked, and Jar of Juice.


19 Responses to “T A G G E D”

  1. Interesting;)

  2. Thanks for answering the tag you made my day and pretty nice answers for a gemini 😉

  3. Good answers, I love post a secret as well. I see this tag has been around. I am starting to think I should have a blog.

  4. Well yours true has been responsible for this tag M.El. Consider yourself tagged as well answer it here or on my blog. let’s see what you got 8)

  5. okay Paul here we go:
    1- Black.
    2- do not like perfume actually but would say playboy.
    3- Don’t know.
    4- Sleep in my boxers.
    5- Tobacco
    6- no one.
    7- London
    8- BMW
    8- Shooting.
    9- Hawaii
    10- not a pet person.
    11- James Hatfield.
    12- kolaha ayam rabena.
    13- 13.
    14- midnight.
    15- Chinese food.
    16- dark chocolate.
    17- ka3bool.
    18- Sou.
    19- Do not like cold things.
    20- Song Ericsson.
    21- Jamming.
    22- Diana.
    23- Face book.

    I think this is about it.

    Sou: Capitan Robert is your favourite come on what happened to James Hatfield of Freddy??

  6. See that was no hard M.El. But I have a Q what is post a secret ?

  7. Sarah,

    my favorite is number 1 too! yey!

    and thanks for my name:) made my day!


    the post secret project is a few years old and it is a website where people’s anonymous postcards are posted with secrets they would not dare share with anyone. Each sunday a new batch of postcards are added and those of the week before are taken or something of the sort. It was so successful, a few post secret books were published in which all these postcards were put together.

  8. Paul:
    Check this website its nice.

    hehe Am I that transparent? But I am typical Gemini..may be that is why?

  9. Valentine is not a holiday.

  10. Anon:

    Obviously, thank you for enlightening us poor beings to what we failed to see.

  11. Me and you together Sloppy
    I thihk what Sou meant is the off time she enjoys the most being new engaged and all I think we should give her a break, don’t you think?

  12. Lord Slop

    You are most welcomed for the enlightment…Any time

  13. Few people use that name anymore, who are you?

  14. Sloppy:
    I guess he/she has a good reason to not use their real name or be anonymous
    Let leave it at that.. matish3’elish balak

  15. Sloppy:
    I guess there is a reason for the whole annonmity thing.. Take the boss’s advice she is usually right 😉

  16. Perhaps

  17. Sarah,

    no you’re not transparent. It’s your engagement pics 😉 you had blue and brown on if I remember correctly.

  18. Posh you have a keen eye girl good for you 🙂 u are the only one who noticed everyone else were surprised, how is that working out for you being the smartest around?

  19. lol 😉 I am very smoothe about it lol


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