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If Google Ruled the World


36 Responses to “If Google Ruled the World”

  1. Love the last one particularly.

    Keep at it girl, you’re making my day by the minute:)

  2. LMAO.. I am loving the milk Beta Version but the world will be more colorful my kind of mood. Rainbow like 😉

  3. Paul,

    You really should wait online after the first “Hi”.

    I was having a smoke in the veranda.

  4. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Varnda That is ancient Man I have not heard that world since my Grandma’s days No hard feelings though Although I was told you were engaged with another conversation that included a babe 😉

  5. Sloppy:
    I am glad I am making your day 🙂

    Rainbow like.. huh I hope you know what the rainbow flag stands for?

  6. No idea Care to share?

  7. The other conversation was after I came back.

    You’ll find I’m full of old words, not the first to notice though;)

  8. I know, may I say???

  9. Paul:
    Sloppy can you use any words he likes it is MY BLOG YOU KNOW

    Sure you may 🙂

  10. Rainbow is the identification sign of gays.

    I wouldn’t pick rainbows dude, they give out the wrong message 😀

  11. Did not know that can I take it back? Do not want to confuse people especially the Mrs.
    But why rainbows its a happy thing..

  12. You can always take whatever you want back mate.

    Why rainbows, beats me.

  13. May be cause they are happy people

  14. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL I always thought Google would be something big someday but Rulers of the world did not think that big 🙂

  15. Well M, satisfied employees can get you anywhere, rulers of the world is just a start. It is not thinking outside the box its about the fact that there is no box 😉

  16. There is no box fuck who stole it?

  17. 7’afif el zel 7adretak.. it is probably under your desk with your IQ

  18. hehe ma2bola meneek Boss But never said people like me for my smart I am a charmer that is why 😉

  19. Keep telling yourself that 8)

  20. I LOVE IT 😀

  21. Awwwwwwwww Artist:
    It loves you right back 🙂

  22. Paul and Sarah:

    Where the hell are ur boss ??? leaving u blogging in the working hours..

    plz plz i wanna join ur company to blog and chat all day :pp

    As for Google , I am a google addict, I google everything they used to call me Google Girl @ work

    Tab3ab b3ed Edward saying to Belle “u can google it” I can’t stop googling anymore ;))

    Sarah 3omrek sem3ty google tal3a min 7ad 7elwa keda like Edwards $$$

  23. Slope:

    I googled the reason of the rainbow thing:

    The rainbow is a symbol of gay pride, as opposed to gay liberation, which used the pink triangle on various colored fields.
    Jim Ferrigan, 14 Feb 2003

    The plain 6 stripes does seem to be the flag of choice over the world and probably so for a simple reason of recognition: the flag is often use to mark gay friendly (and in some place, gay safe) establishment so you want to be sure that your target clientele will recognise you.
    Marc Pasquin, 26 Oct 2004

    The rainbow flag has become the easily-recognized colors of pride for the gay community. The multicultural symbolism of the rainbow is nothing new and it plays a part in many myths and stories related to gender and sexuality issues in Greek, Native American, African, and other cultures.

    I hate that they used our rainbow for their Ewwwwwwww

  24. Ma-3lina:
    First: I am the boss at the company and hence I can do whatever. hehe
    Second: Edward’s google is the best I heard 🙂
    Third: Whenever someone’s say you can google it I know they are making something up. Or whatever they have to research it.
    Forth: Regarding the gay people Actually they are quiet mosalyeen. They are better than straight people totally in touch with their feelings. And fun to hang out with. Mafish 3o2d if you know what I mean 😉

  25. Sarah:

    If ur my boss and I came to work wiz u along wiz paul el sherka hatkhreb lool

    About the gays sensitive we keda still they are off the market if u get what I mean..

  26. M:
    LOL well I know hence they make excellent friends 😀

  27. ahahahhaha, very nice!!!!

  28. Thanks Maya I am glad you like it 🙂 and welcome to my blog new comers are very welcome 🙂

  29. Sarah,

    I like you for your stand on gays.

    And, google rules the world 😉

    loved the pics.

  30. Posh:
    I like you too for no apparent reason but being yourself, so the feeling is mutual 🙂
    As for gay people everyone can be whatever they want its a free world you know.
    I am glad you liked the picture would be a nice idea if Google did rule the world, wouldn’t it?

  31. Hey May I intrefer and say that for Google to rule the world would be too Geeky, don’t you think?

  32. Not too geeky Paul I love Google the world would make sense then more than now..
    Do not worry about interfering you do that all the time i am used to it 😉

  33. loooool , i really love that post

  34. Hassana:
    This post loves you too I am glad that I made everyone’s day by this post my goal is to make each one smile which it seems I did my job here is done

  35. That’s my word babe 🙂

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