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The occasional What Ifs

I stood in line at the coffee shop stand waiting for my turn to get my morning coffee not quiet awake yet waiting for the caffeine fix to wake me up. It is usually ordinary usually the same, the same faces the same people the same drinks but I was brought back to reality by the refreshing smell that filled my nose. I looked up from my black berry trying to locate the smell. There she was, standing in grace. Looking at her watch while fixing her hair with her other hand and our eyes met. The current was so strong through my spine like I was getting an invisible powerful shock. She looked up from her watch upon feeling she was being watched and met my eyes. She slightly smiled and I could feel her looking at me in the same manner I was at her. Our eyes met again and then slowly our sight went down to the golden ring in her right hand and she was looking at the same on mine. We looked back at each other and she shyly looked away unintentionally touching her ring, I was doing the same. We both woke up on the sound of the coffee shop person giving us our drinks we picked them up and headed to the door with my head filled with the what ifs and what could have been.

We were so close behind each other I opened the door and let her out the cold breeze met me and brought me back to reality as I headed towards the big glass entry all the what ifs that filled my head disappeared like the dry leaves does in autumn and was brought back to reality by my cell. Ringing and on the screen I read her name, my fiancée. I answered saying “missed you love”

Insipred by waiting in line @ Star Bucks – Nile Towers


19 Responses to “The occasional What Ifs”

  1. Oh come on the occasional what ifs is allowed you know but elmohem you snap out of it on time, don’t you think?

  2. Actually no they are not allowed and when you have them you should pause and see if what you have is really what you want, getting me?

  3. I beg to differ Sarah that what ifs is what makes us appreciate what we have you should not regret having them cause it makes you grab on to what you have more IF AND THAT IS A BIG IF you are 100% sure of it

  4. Yes Yes a voice of Reason M.El my man ;D

  5. M.El:
    I agree but if you are not sure then it tends to be a problem dont you think?

    Why are you so excited something I should know away from the Mrs. and the morning sickness Sir?

  6. No, you misunderstood Boss I am way passed the what Ifs phase but I still think you should give the doubters a break.. you are allowed to discover things you know.. You should never stop if you stopped then you are dead

  7. Mmmmm RIP then

  8. For the both of us..

  9. How in God’s name do you comment so fast?? You can not be that pro-active?

  10. A small thing down there called email follow up comments Boss you should use it very pro-active..

  11. Sarah I think what-ifs happen all the time, everywhere, anywhere. I think it is human nature to be unsure, sometimes confused, afraid and also curious. I have what-ifs for every single thing in my life, even those where I have been successful.
    But, it does not mean that what you have now is not worthy or important. As long as it makes you happy, then that’s what matters. Because let’s say you didn’t choose what you have now, you would be wondering ‘what if you had it’. This is life. It’s sometimes cruel. We can’t have everything and therefore must make choices.

    But, when the ‘what-fs’ are too many and too persistent and are a cause of unhappiness for you, then that’s when you should be worried. Otherwise, they are normal. I would like to think so.


    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving that interesting and compassionate comment about Cinderella. I tried visiting you but it seems you no longer blog? How so?!

  12. You r SO Gemini!
    Btw it’d be better if u wrote background abt that girl in between brackets cuz i’m new follower so I can’t do the maths =D

  13. Posh:
    You are absolutely right the resistant what ifs is the one you should worry about. I mean I had a huge What if before getting engaged and it was the reason I went along with it so in my case I am glad I had it.

    Well you mean the background about the girl in the post. FYI this post is fictional I made up the entire thing while waiting for coffee in StarBucks so no background or anything I did not even know the girl 🙂 Yes I am weird that way

  14. Well Posh I am glad I did you have an interesting Blog I love it as for my blog well I never started blogging in the first place still deciding if I should make it or not but Sarah is definitely giving me a kick about doing just that if I did you will be the firs to know..
    Sarah you are not weird I do it all the time but I never write about it not that brave 🙂

  15. Paul:
    Thanks for thinking I am not weird as for blogging there you go you have something to blog about I am pretty curious to know what goes on in this head of yours 😉

  16. Incidentally, the girl in question turned out to be a class-mate of mine.


  17. Yeah Slop it keeps on getting smaller and smaller 🙂

  18. temptation is everywhere. What you do with it is what counts…

  19. Maya:
    Totally true It depends on the person and what he does with doubt but you have to admit its a double edged blade so have to handle with care

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