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Abney Park Vs. Freddy Mercury

Well I have been in quiet a mood yesterday / today and here I am needless to say sleepless of course, so here I am sitting on the good old couch smoking Marlboro whites and eating dates. 
Anyhow I have been going back and forth in between moods. Been listening to the a/m artists and I am proud to announce  *drums rolling* that Abney Park did won the race in being related to my mood. I am appreciating this band more than ever.. Will not bore you with details cause I talked about them in a previous post. But right now “My On The Go” list on my IPhone is filled with my favourite songs from their albums and I leave you with this song..

From my fathers seed, from my mothers womb
From my families mold, from a broken tomb

If I am the assembled, from the sins of my father
And if I am created, by the actions of my mother
If I was brought to being, by a broken machine
How could I come to be sane

Twisted and broken, some of the parts are missing
But I was left alive
My creators fought, I was unfinished
And I was left behind

These are my own sins
This is my own life
These are those I love
This, my only wife

If I was created by a brocken machine
Then I must be reinvented
Create my own machine

Twisted and broken, some of the parts are missing
But I was left alive
My creators fought, I was unfinished
And I was left behind

Twisted and Broken – Abney Park

20 Responses to “Abney Park Vs. Freddy Mercury”

  1. Weird mix! Dates with Marlboro Lights you mean right? anyway Why dates?
    And you still did not get me the music boss. C’mon, loosing your touch are you?

  2. Well Paul, if it makes you feel any better, I haven’t gotten the music yet either 😦

  3. Shoot that is worse than I thought. Boss you need to distribute the music ASAP and I thought I was being cut off

  4. LOL you guys make it sound like I am pirating the music which actually I am hehe 🙂 nothing sounds better like pirating music *evil Grin*
    Why weird mix it tasted fine to me lol azowa2 ya 2a7’ee

    You guys are going to get the music real soon Eshtaz..

  5. Heyyy,

    Pirating is my realm, remember??!!!

  6. What is up with the sleepless phase, you okay?
    P.S: Your smoking curve seems to be rising girl give yourself a break.

  7. I have to say something. Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    for the music I am so impressed.. Give me your recommendation cause I skimmed through the albums..

  8. Paul
    You are most welcome surprised you liked them cause I though you are a mellow music kind of guy once again impressions are not right. So my recommendations are the following:
    – Airship Pirates
    – Breathe both the normal and the acoustic version.
    – I am stretched on your grave.
    – Dear Ophelia.
    Also here are the lyrics for their entire albums 2ae 7’edma ;D

  9. Thank you dear Boss, I loved Airship pirates and tiny monsters and twisted and broken.. to7fa I am glad about the website cause their lyrics are not so available on the web how come these guys are not more known.
    On the other hand.. MY MELLOW GUY?!!!! Where the hell did you get that impression from? I used to be head banger as a teen we rabena hadanee..

  10. Paul:
    I have no idea why they are not famous they sure deserve it. YOU WERE A HEAD BANGER!!!!! You do not look it 7’ales nice to know that you were a tough guy back in the days omal eih el 7asal LOL..

    Yes my smoking curve is up I need to take it easy a bit cause I am not up to a pack a day. Promise to decrease it a bit

  11. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr you wanna see tough I’ll show you tough.. Breathing fire from his mouth while hissing from between his teeth*
    But remember you asked for it.

  12. Paul:
    Take it easy dude, 7’ales you are a tough guy without the hissing and breathing fire that would give you a bad breath not good for the Mrs. 😉

  13. 2iwa ba7eb el rogo3 lel 7’alef that is an impressive thing coming from you tough Boss 😀

  14. Paul:
    Just for your sake Paul aslaak bete3mel lel Blog 7ess hehe. I have not had this back and forth comments since a very dear friend of mine used to comment. Those were good days “Smiling while she drifts with the memories of Sand (RIP)*

  15. Need help?

  16. ana turtle we kaman delusional thinking enee porches come on tab 2olie owning, that would be a kick * day dreaming about fast cars and sighing*

  17. Sloppy,
    I am harmless do not worry.. BTW i added you on face book hope you accept

  18. Paul,

    Will do once I’m back home where they don’t block facebook mate.

  19. Oh shoot they blocked the face book at your work the asses sorry to hear that and thanks for considering me a mate its a pleasure to meet the guy who convinced the boss to spend a life time with her.. Lucky you

  20. Paul Thanks for the compliment

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