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Pride and Glory

Becoming a cop, the pledge we took to uphold something honest. We let it all rot from under us. I was a good man once.” Pride & Glory 

I was looking forward to watch that movie cause I always looked forward to watch a movie starring Edward Norton but when the cast includes Colin Farrell as well then this was a must see movie in my book.

The plot is not that new it’s about the corrupt in the NYPD Finest Cops when they cross the line and lose their sight, lose their sight of the pledge they took when they wore those blue uniform to protect and serve. When they were in it once when it was all about Pride and Glory. It’s about the whole struggle we all face when we think that nobody is watching and it is okay to put out our hands and take and take but where will it all ends?

The movie cast is amazing I do not need to talk about the cast wether Collin Farrell or Edward Norton or Jon Vought but this movie did take me by surprise it is amazing. 

The performance that did take me by surprise was that of Noah Emmerich or Francis Tierney, Jr. or “Boss” as they refer to him this actor did an amazing performance caught between family and his principals. Caught in the middle the actor did portray the role that was needed more than brilliantly that I dare say that he stole the light from both the three lead actors/stars in the movie.

The director of a movie Gavin O’Connor did a great job but in my opinion he had a success on his hand and all he did was follow the stream.

The song with the credits is amazing a must hear it’s called “The Water Line” by Sage Francis.

A must see movie, it makes you wonder what will you do when you are trapped between family, loyalty, and what you believe and hold precious in your life.

Now you tell me, What Will You Do When The water Line Is Rising?

Rating in my Book: 10/10 


3 Responses to “Pride and Glory”

  1. Oh come on and you wonder why you are depressed, I mean it is a good movie but it is too morbid even for you. However boss was really my cup of tea too. Where did this guy starred before?

  2. Paul,
    The movie is amazing come on you thought I would miss a movie starring both Edward Norton and Colin Farrell you do not know me yet?
    As for the boss.. check out his biography nothing stands out though but I think after this movie we will see more of him

  3. LOL so you watch movies for actors only figured you were deeper than that *lowering head avoiding the stapler that was directed at me*
    Beside did not know you were into hip hop? Sage Francis!!!

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