Servo Quod Lost In In Man’s Terra
It’s a Dump Filled with abusive and in appropriate subjects and expressions if you are not cool with that go away, if you are then feel free to step right in :)


1- Why is it always the happy decisions considered to be irrational?
2- Why do we have to follow the herd in doing our actions?
3- Why is it when we assume something is closed or empty it turn out to be the only day it is open or full?
4- Why is it that a song sometimes makes sense more than life?
5- Why do people not get shocked of cruelty but good will always freak them out?
6- Why do people always like to show off even to strangers?
7- Why do parents always think of their grownups children are still in dippers?
8- Why is it that coffee is usually better once not being drunk often?
9- Why is it that the first and last smokes of the day are the best of the pack?
10- Why is it that a lot of things do not make freaking sense?

I leave you with this.. my favorite song at the moment:

Well, the rain is apourin’ down in a fury,
And the road is lookin’ long,
And the only thing that comes to mind
Is the tune of this sad song.
Tune of this sad song! Oh Lord!

Well, the wind is acreepin’ up my back,
Through the door, through the roof, through the window crack.
Tossin’ and a-turnin’ all night long
To the rhythm and the sound of a saddened song.
Saddened song! Oh Lord!

In a dream of passion I saw a face
Of a beautiful woman in a terrible place.
She looked at me, and she called for you,
Then she closed her eyes and she sang this tune.
Sang this tune! Oh Lord!

The Sad Song – Allison Krauss – Album “The Lonely Runs Both Ways”



  1. Wow A lot of unanswered Questions girl..

    1- Because happy is uncommon and considered drugging.
    2- Because then it is safer to blame the other or be both fucked up.
    3- Becuase like tends to make you know that assumptions is the mother of all fuck ups.
    4- Because Art usually makes more sense than life.
    5- Because the thing cruel is the common thing.
    6- Becuase they like strangers to think they are cool.
    7- Becuase you can not believe that someone who was unable to sleep or eat without you could be smarter than you are sometimes.
    8- Because you appreciate things more when you do not do it often.
    9- Because you miss your first and appreicate your last.
    10- Because girl that is what life is all about.

    Well as for the song you sure know how to pick them, I did not know you are into country.


  2. Wow, smart dude aren’t you M.El? I did not know one single answer πŸ˜‰ we should meet up.
    Plus girl you think way too much, you need to pause your mind sometimes.

  3. M.El:
    that was quick I am impressed. Yeah Allison Krauss is one of the best.

    I could arrange a meeting if you want and if M.El digs it. As pausing let me know how I could pull it off πŸ™‚

  4. Oo How I do like this post Sarah!!! I like it A LOT. It kind of came as a surprise to me.
    Actually ya saso I can see a beautiful change and turn in ur blogging's like all of ur recent entries have all gotten much wittier, funnier & a lot more happier. That's very nice indeed.
    And this very entry actually has its on depth keda that am sooo into. I am NOT here to answer ur questions as some qs are better off left unanswered..or rather I kind of think that we all actually know the answers…but we dare not utter them out loud…or dare not even acknowledge that we know them.
    And by all means…dont stop thinking…dont pause it. Nooo, U have not lost ur mind & ur not on ur way to madness…but rather ur on the right track back again to SANITY.

    Be well.

  5. sometimes it’s better to ask the right questions than to settle for what you think are the right answers…

    here’s another one to keep you busy… “why is change the only thing in life that is constant” πŸ˜‰

    keep well… (are you sleeping better?)

  6. I’ll give it a go.

    1. Cause people refuse to believe the existence of happiness, there must some nails in that cake.
    2. Listen to “The logical song” by Super Tramp.
    3. Don’t know.
    4. Are you sure it makes more sense to your inner self or is it the other way around?
    5. Out of habit.
    6. Human vanity wins down the line, myself included πŸ™‚
    7. They can’t accept the fact that sometimes innovation can outweigh experience.
    8. Cause you tend to appreciate what you miss, not what you have laying beside you.
    9. First smoke is the worst, makes me cough, last smoke, didn’t notice, only one that matters is right after lunch πŸ˜€
    10. They do, but on a different level of perception.

    I’ll also add that this is the sort of argument where nobody’s right or wrong, it depends on how you look at it.

  7. 1- Because we like to get out of the line so it will be considered irrational
    2- Because ppl fear the "change" and fear anything "different"
    3- Because we always see everything from a limited point of view, we rarely look at the whole picture
    4- Because Art is subjective =D
    5- Conspiracy theory?
    6- Identity crisis & Low self-esteem/confidence?
    7- Because they don't want to believe that they grew old
    8- Because we always like to have what we don't/can't get
    9- Because u miss the first and u sleep after the last
    10- Life is subjective =))

    Nice blog btw!

  8. Nice questions… Unlike everybody else, I won’t even attempt at answering because I believe that there are infinite answers and sometimes, none at all. And both scare me, especially the latter.

    Right now I am listening to Linkin Park – Leave out all the rest.

  9. Innate:
    Glad my blogging style is becoming your cup of coffee and I know there is an infinite answers to this questions that what was confusing me πŸ™‚
    I really hope I am not loosing the plot after all.

    You did indeed added another one to my unanswered questions, I am glad you are coming here more often as for my sleeping habits well lets just say it could be better πŸ˜‰

    I am glad you joined the people who give it a go to answered my unanswered. As you may know your way of thinking do compliment mine and hence your feedback was a good thing, like adding the punch to the Sou Whisky getting me?

    Ice Queer:
    A new comer i see I always appreciate new faces πŸ˜€
    I am glad you give a go to my questions I sure like your answers πŸ™‚
    I hope you make it a habit you pop her more often, will you?

    hehe I expected you will not give it a go dear and I see you are still stuck on the whole soundtrack things I mean you do know that leaving out all the rest is the soundtrack for twilight you knew that right?

  10. Paul:
    Oh Wow Paul thanks Dude for your compliment we should meet set something with the boss and let me know πŸ˜‰

  11. Sarah: you welcome =) I’ll pop up more don’t worry =D

  12. Ice Queer;
    You are welcome anytime

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