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It is Déjà vu.. Wait did I say that before?

It seems that everything in my life at the moment have a strong sense f Déjà vu do not have a clue why but all I know it does. Each and every single aspect of the day has a sense of repetitiveness to it, I have been here before, I have said this before. This situation will end this way and the other will end that way. What is going on with me? I have no clue. All I know is that these freaking flashes does not cease on repeating itself over and over again.

Am I seeing someone else’s memories? Or worse am I living someone else’s life?

It freaks me out that my mind is playing such tricks on me, I have already guessed right two of the three bad incidents that happened to me throughout this week. But, as they say bad things happen in threes and that is what I saw, if the third thing did take place. I am officially insane.


13 Responses to “It is Déjà vu.. Wait did I say that before?”

  1. This is so common it happens to me all the time 🙂 No worries you are not going out of your mind, not yet anyway.

  2. M.El:
    You think so I am glad to hear it, but do not know it is so common though, where did you get that info, from?

  3. Well, you can check it out on WeikiPedia, its pretty common:

  4. M.El:
    Well it is refreshing to know I am not the only one getting those, thanks for the refreshing news, by the way will you still be my friend if i lost the plot?

  5. Oh Poor dude, sure will be your friend, have you forgotten you are on your way to be a famous author Ms. soon to be Stephanie Meyer ;P

  6. M.El:
    Oh how cute keep boosting my ego and I will soon be better than her or may be equally famous would be nice 😀 I mean it is only fair:P:P

  7. Fair it is then, Deal

  8. no, you’re not insane and everybody has these moments from time to time… the mind plays all sorts of tricks with us and leaves us wondering about what’s really going on down there in the subconscious mind… take what happens as it comes, use common sense, trust yourself and youy’ll see that even the worst incidents will turn for the better later…

    keep well…

  9. Hi Bart:
    I am glad I am not the only one suffering from this or i would have thought that i lost my mind. I do not pretend to know how the incidents end but I just see them, who knows it could end well after all. One more thing though the third incident never took place not yet anyway so I am not be psychic after all 🙂 or let’s hope so

  10. I am glad you are not psychic after all or a lot of people I know will be exposed. So you are now feeling you are a bit saner although being insane is a lot more interesting 🙂 don’t you think ?

  11. M.El:
    I guess it depends on how you look it, i could have got away with a lot of things if i plead to be temporarily insane 🙂 And would have gotten away with it,,. BUMMER could i get back to being insane?

  12. You can be one any time you like.. Good call my friend as i said a lot more interesting.. Take care me insane friend at the momenet 🙂

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