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In my Dreams

Apparently it came to my attention that I have a story stuck in my head and it comes to me through my dreams and keep on nagging to get out and it made me figure out that it will not go away till I write it down for my brain to have a space to continue it without loosing that part. I did not know that my brain is that creative but I will do it his way to be able to have a non-repetitive dreams as much as I could.

I will leave you with this:

Now I’m safe in my dreams
Where nobody lies and everything is what it seems
Where everyone smiles, and the sun always shines
Where nothing hurts and I can feel the better side of me
Where I can see where I will be
And I can live and love for free
And everyone would be like me
In my dreams

It only sleeps when I’m awake
It only feels real when it’s fake
It only seems straight upside down
And I’m not here when I’m around
I know there’s sunshine with the rain
I know that pleasure follows pain
I know we have to lose to gain
I know that it’s gonna be okay
In my Dreams – Bad Apple

9 Responses to “In my Dreams”

  1. this has the strange quality that only dreams can have, it’s exceptionally personal and leaves you wondering what to make of the message i imagine…

    perhaps there isn’t even a message, that all you need to do is wonder about the labyrinths in your mind…

    keep well…

  2. Indeed it is Bart I wonder about the message intended and i do not get it still. Glad you are visiting by the way 🙂 turn it into a habit will you

  3. Thought about turning it into a profession may be you will strike gold?

  4. M.El:
    You think I should give it a try. what do you think I should do with the manuscript that keeps getting bigger i am hitting 50 pages till now?

  5. Mmmm..I know someone at Merit’s publishing house, interested?

  6. Okay.. Call me to discuss.. momken?
    You really think this could work?

  7. Sure thing you never know where it will take you, you might as well enjoy the ride.. may be you would be the next Stephanie Meyer.. Who knows it all started from a dream as you said 🙂

  8. Yeah it did and turned into a saga.. four books are published already.. *head spinning from thinking*

  9. Who know, it could lead to many things, at best to glory, at worst, you’ll have vented away from prying eyes.

    Keep exploring yourself SoU, pure gold in there, I know, I’ve seen it.

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