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Sand in the Hospital

Dear All,

Just knew that our fellow blogger Sand is in the hospital due to a car accident in which her car flipped while driving on 6th of October road. Sand is suffering from a concussion and a broken arm..

Please pray for her to be safe and get better soon.

I miss you my dear Sand.


4 Responses to “Sand in the Hospital”

  1. allah yehdeha o yshafeha, batmanalha el salame

  2. Artist:
    Thanks for your wishes I hope she get better soon

  3. What a terrible and truly sad news this is. I do hope that she fully recovers and gets all better very soon.

    Please Sarah keep us or at least just me updated with her situation.

  4. Rabena ma3aha, Inshallah te2oom besalama.

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