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Well I know I have not written a movie review in a while now but nothing of the movies I saw got me to write anything about them nothing was such a disappointment or such a success so they kind of quietly passes through yours truly menu..
Today I am going to talk about Twilight..

A recent release in December, 2008, well what I came
 to discover its a love story embedded in a dark and somehow creepy settings with an unusual hero instead of the usual good guy. I expected it to be a regular vampire movie but its not the movie that got to me its the chemistry between the two lead characters its unbelievable the way they look at each other and the wit full screenplay that got to me. The director is Catherine Hardwicke the lady behind “Anti-Trust” and “Vanilla Sky”, as for the screenwriter is Melessa Rosenberg the lady behind “Dexter”, “The OC” to whom I raise my hat.

The soundtrack of the movie is so good as well there is this song in the movie that got to me so much its called “Let me Sign” by the artist “Rob Pattinson” playing when the hero is saving his beloved by killing her. Actually I discovered that the singer is the main actor in the movie this guy is multi-talented he can act and sing and this song has been playing in my ipod for like a week now although as some people told me it is TOO MILLOW even for my own taste but it really touched my heart so much that I can not stop listening to it. Trust me download it and see where it is in the movie you will not stop listening to it but you have to survive the guy’s accent other than that its perfect.

The movie is so touching that it got my goosebumps, I never get touched by all this lovey dovey movies but this movie did, it made me re-think about the power of love and acceptance and how when you love someone they accept you as you are and just enjoy the air and the feeling when they spent some time with thier loved ones in the same place.. Its a nice feeling even if it was felt from behind a lens only and is gone when the credits finished rolling.

Watch that everyone, we all like happy endings every once in a while

Ratings in my world, 9/10

2 Responses to “Twilight”

  1. every one is soo crazy about it ..
    i should c it !

  2. Yes you should definitely see it. I love The Cullens

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