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Sick as a dog and the Feast

Okay been sick as a dog for the past couple of days do not know if its a stomach virus or something in the air but been throwing up like there is no tomorrow and having a fever that made moving seems like a very hard task for my aching all over body. Do not have a clue about the cause but I am feeling better now moving on.

On the other hand, the feast okay I have to say that the feast for more was never an enjoyable thing, the smell of raw meat and blood is one thing, people going early out on the street shouting their heads out ย “butcher” for people to call him and do his thing.. Not my idea of a good time but I am enjoying the lesser traffic, the off time on the other hand? Do not know will have to come back on this one.

What else?? I do not know I have been having the feeling I am waiting for something what I have no freaking idea? I liked it when ย I have something to look forward to, like the trip to Europe when I was feeling down, out of it, or plainly board I would think of it and say its only days away. But now nothing do not have nothing to look forward to which is really bad. I need to see what is wrong with me, to sit with myself ย and ask her bluntly what is wrong and let’s hope she has an answer..

But till then Happy Feast Everyone. Enjoy the off time and try not to get stained while you are walking in the streets IF walking was your thing..


10 Responses to “Sick as a dog and the Feast”

  1. Ohhh Salamteek Dear that is why you were not picking up yesterday ma3lish.. Hope you feel better.

    As for looking forward to have something to make you feel better and hopeful its up to you to have this you can have it as simple as an outing or buying a new thing even if it was just a sock or shoes ๐Ÿ˜€ These are my 2 cents as Umslopagas would say

  2. I know I promised to stay away but I could not have heard you are sick and would not say anything zee Salamteek or 2a7san or you deserve more or something of the sort ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Who mentions me, my friends call me Slop;)

    Sarah: What can I say, el 3ein sabetek, **pat pat**.

    On the other hand, about waiting for something, we all get that feeling every once in a while, you’re rebelling against stagnancy, you need change of some sort, what sort of change is up to you to decide.

  4. That was my sixpence worth btw;)

    Be happy ya Sarah

  5. happy feast you too.
    and salamat, have fun

  6. Sand:
    I am sorry I missed your call dear but I merely woke up to eat and got back to sleep again was horrible but I am better thanks Dear..

    Thanks for your wishes whatever they are, You know what they say wishes come back in triplets ๐Ÿ˜€ So enjoy..

    mm mm. El 3ien sabetenee you think? That was my mum was saying but for what exactly you of all people know what I have been through recently so.. I do not think I can be envied at the moment, don’t you think?
    Thanks for you six pence.. and will work on that..

    Long time no hear.. hope you enjoy the feast as well and thanks for your get well wishes

  7. Great to hear that Dear I have not heard from your for quiet some time and I was getting worried with all that was going on. I am glad it only resulted a minor infection.

    As for the six pence Slop I am glad you got six and I am just two it kind of makes sense. Right?

  8. Happy feast all

  9. Salmtek ya benty, hope u get better soon isa and hapPy Feast ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. salemtak and hope u get well soon.

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