Servo Quod Lost In In Man’s Terra
It’s a Dump Filled with abusive and in appropriate subjects and expressions if you are not cool with that go away, if you are then feel free to step right in :)


Can you imagine being empty and out of anything that you take people experiences and events and put it as your own? Can you be that empty and Dull?
What would you do ladies and gentlemen if you woke up one day and found yourself stealing other people’s stories and experiences and saying they were yours to get people’s attention and concern? Or Simply making up stories about friends and close friends just to have something to say or make yourself feel you have something going on in your life?
What would you do then? Kill yourself for the attention or fake your own death and lurk around the corner watching people forget about you in a second.
Beats the fuck out of me!!

12 Responses to “M I M I C I NG”

  1. It’s really weird, I’ve known people who do that on occasion, even some who make a lifestyle of it.

    Just know them for what they are, they’re usually quite entertaining, but that’s it.

  2. Entertaining I find it quiet lame life is complicated enough without make believe don’t you think?

  3. I’d tell you a story about that, but having an example of everything is even lamer, did you get the message I sent you last week via a friend btw?

  4. Life is not that complicated if you follow strict rules, and a life like that wouldn’t be worth living. It’s sad that one gets 2 know many people who think that the ultimate goal of life is to be numb and comfortable, and those I think tend to do what you were talking about.

  5. Marooned, you just hit the nail on the head, this type in particular will do anything to attract attention and will step on everybody for a moment of pleasure, we come across them everyday unfortunately

  6. Umslopagas:
    Have no idea what u r talking about?

    U r so right I come across those quiet often

  7. Don’t mind me, tough days and so on, I don’t even make sense to myself anymore.

  8. there’s still another equally lame way though of getting attention…a way that’s waaay underrated but clearly noticeable…it’s by commenting on every damn blog u encounter on ur online way to boredom…even though u dont really have something to say…you just blurt ur comment anyway..just to say or announce ‘hey am here…remember me? am still there’.


  9. Not sure if your comment was directed at me or at someone else, it sure sounds like it’s directed at me.

    Reading the previous comments it does look like it.

    But anyway, allow me to elaborate on a point.

    Like every story in the world there’s a very simple explanation, the one here is that I had something to say, then changed my mind about it, the first comment had already been published, I’m not in the habit of deleting.

    If this comment was directed at me, then one word of advice, don’t jump down people’s throats without understanding what’s really going on, do I make myself clear??

    If your comment is just a very general comment or not meant to be understood as I just did, then I apologise for taking it in a personal manner.

    I hope this settles it once and for all.

  10. Your such a wonderful human being Umslopagas…but a lil bit insecure though.

    No my comment was not directed at you at all…u said it urself yes it was a general comment. But truth be told I admit that I had someone in mind when I typed it. My comment was even meant to be funny.

    Even if I meant u –which i did not-..that does not mean anything at all. What I see and deem as lame does not make it so. After all, we –including me and yes even Sand herself- are in a way big-time attention seekers. I mean who does not need it these days?!! What distinguishes us is the way we get it through. Attention is good and getting enough of it is vitally health. I do need attention. So what?

    Now I address Sand..
    U once said in a comment on my blog that u digged my blog, why cant I see now any more digging comments of urs since then till now? U stopped digging it or what?

  11. Lol, now I really look ridiculous, you caught me with my pants down, chasing windmills.

    Thanks for the slap anyway, I needed that one, pleasure talking to you

  12. People get insecure, sand. Many of us have low self-esteem, we may in times find ourselves not worthwhile, our lives not at all interesting, and some turn to “mimicking” to get attention. I’m not making excuses or justifications for those who resort to taking on other people’s stories and experiences as their own to balance off their nonexistent self confidence, all I’m saying is that sometimes you gotta understand where people might be coming from. People would do more than that to feel important, even if it’s temporary and fake.
    Human nature. Needy. Pathetic. Totally understandable.

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