Servo Quod Lost In In Man’s Terra
It’s a Dump Filled with abusive and in appropriate subjects and expressions if you are not cool with that go away, if you are then feel free to step right in :)

I Hate that..

– My stupid temper made me not being able to be with my nephew for two weeks now I miss him to pieces even though he drives me nuts all the time.
– I keep checking the phone fearing I did not hear it for a certain someone to call while I know they would not.
– I miss my sister even though she is mean, cruel, and careless.
– I can be so mean sometimes without any apparent reason but the heaviness in my heart.
– I can not travel all the time.
– I can not be swamped in work like I used to.
– I can not be where I want to be the most.
– My friends can be sweet to me when I am being a royal bitch and drama queen.
– One of my friends promised me he would be here soon and ended up going somewhere else.
– I am not happy for the same friend that he is having a good time.
– I wake up from sleep after having a bad dream and my heart is aching and my brain is numb and when the fact that it was just a dream does not make me feel better.
– People do not stick to their promises, why would they make them to begin with.

I hate and hate so many things but life could be worse..


14 Responses to “I Hate that..”

  1. Hey there dear what’s up you seem to be different since you got back, Malek ? Something I could help with I know I am morbid too so I shouldn’t talk but I am like that all the time you on the other hand changed for a while now you’re calmly and plainly sad, what’s up?

  2. You are such a bitch you got that right you always throw yourself on guys who don’t like and don’t care less if you dropped dead in fact if you disappeared off the face of the earth you would make thief day enough whinning you whore why would a whore complain about being a whore? Beats me?!

  3. You are the bitch who died and made you in charge you idiot? you judge people why is that I wonder? I bet if we searched your closet we would find more than just a bunch of skeltons so if you mind what you r reading move on or grow some balls and say your name you ass

  4. What about you who died and made you a lawyer? But what else to expect whores and bitches stick togethere why is that? You got the same pimp? LMAO…

  5. Such a cliché you are trying to justify what you are saying with insults even if we are whores and bitches we are more men than you at least we came clean with ourselves and the world not like you hiding behind anonmity you are laughing your ass off tell me who you are and I am gonna shove my foot so far up this ass of yours you would be sucking my toes for pretty long time ..

  6. I won’t waste time on this cocksucker.


    You say you’ve been unfair to your friends cause you’re ina bad mood, well let me tell you something, whichever friend takes a grudge from that doesn’t deserve the name, by definition, it’s part of the job.

    About your nephew, nothing I or anyone else can say to help make you feel better about it, except that you know he’s safe, in time all will come to terms, only time heals this.

    Again, I speak too much, a bad habit I need to quit.

  7. Me I am the cocksucker? Don’t let me get started on you Mr. Umslopagas or what ever?

  8. Are you daring me? I have better things to do with my time to parley words with you here, be man enough to show your face, then I’ll grace you with my time

  9. Oh I see you better waste your time on this junior’s blog than dare me I wonder what is the prize? Although it’s a no brainer’s question 😉

  10. What is this I go away for one day and come back to find a fiesta annonymous whoever you are my advice stop insulting my friends and go start a blog for Sarah’s
    haters you would find a couple of losers to join you and leave this place be and I would grace you with my pressence there no worries till then shut the hell up agreed?

  11. Finally the woes is here where have you been? Busy shagging someone? Or hiding behind your lame ass friends? I wish to have oneon one with you what do you say?

  12. Anonymous seems a self-hating character! It’s OK to hate oneself sometimes. And throwing oneself at men who couldn’t care less-oh, MAN, how could that be avoided even if one tried! :-)))

  13. We are so on name the time and the place you ball-less ass

  14. we are so on have the guts and answer your phone when I call you I guess by now you knew who I am my own 😀

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