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Bits and Pieces AKA Updates

Okay I have been busy since I got back from the  trip and was not in the chatting mood to be honest but I am some how getting there. I have been surprised by the number of people who called me up and said they missed me and want to meet up, even the bunch who I was not seeing very often I guess the fact that I was not available in the country made them think they want to see me for real cause now they can’t. But I was glad I managed to see a whole bunch of friends I did not see in a while.

What else? Yes, we finally managed to find a nice office Thank God, we have ditched the idea of City Stars that was playing in my manager’s head which is amazing cause I would not have loved the fact that I will be spending around four hours of my day in public transportation for the fact that I would have a nice location to spend my one hour lunch break which I never have by the way.

I bought my highly anticipated IPhone Yuppie was amazing choice I am enjoying it to the maximum handling my infatuation with music with the 8GB space which I almost filled up with songs. I rarely take my laptop out anymore checking and browsing the Internet through Safari, enjoying the camera which is 2 MP only but the quality is amazing once you download it on the PC or even have it on the phone. Also, enjoying the push emails options which works like a charm with our email exchange server at work. Quiet amazing I love my IPhone in spite being known for changing cel. phones a lot this one is a keeper. I just love it to pieces.

What else? Mmmm I intend on going to Sharm El Shiekh for the weekend which is quiet amazing in this weather and not crowded will do it before the feast cause I hate crowded places.. Anyone wanna tag along? Let me know..

That is it.. A whole bunch of things..
Cheers Peeps..

3 Responses to “Bits and Pieces AKA Updates”

  1. Congrates about your iPhone I know you were dying to get one but there is not updates about the new person in your life does that mean he is no longer there? Do tell me friend we have not met in a while we should fix that pronto don’t you think?

  2. Sand Sand Sand.. What did I say? That is why Cel. phones were created dear?
    On the hand we should meet pronto that is true how about today? Call me

  3. welcome to the wonderful world of the iPhone!!

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