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My Encounter with the X

Okay yesterday had a sleep over at a friend’s house we had a blast went on a fluka trip which means that we had a lot to drink we took the fluka which is a small boat in the Nile at 4 in the morning drank a lot of ID green apple which is my favorite after the 6th bottle I kind of felt tipsy. So at 8 when we got off the boat we decided we should head and eat something sort of like breakfast. As soon as we sat down I spotted my X sitting at the next table with a girl.. He got up headed towards me and decided to say Hi.. I did not even stand up ..

Him: How are you Sand?
Me: I am good, how about you?
Him: I am fine, glad to see you are feeling better..
Me: Well and how is Willie? “
Him: “Looked bluntly at me and did not believe what I was saying”
Me: Still having trouble standing up on his own?
Him: “with the blood rushing to his face” turned around and left..

Of course needless to say that Willie is what we used to call his pecker I was not that drunk but it felt good to embarrass the hell out of him..
Pay back is a bitch sometimes


6 Responses to “My Encounter with the X”

  1. Shouldn’t have done that, lashing out means you’re hurt, which is what you showed him there

  2. mm was worth it to embarrass the crap out of him his face was enough to do that “Fucker”

  3. Wooooooo Love your style.. Revenge is a meal better served cold I bet he never saw that one coming “I raise my hat”

  4. As long as you’re happy:)

  5. I am always the happiest when I am the meaniest “evil grin on my face”

  6. Ok, I’m out of here, before you decide i’m a worthy subject for an experiment on mutilation:p

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