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And.. We’re Back

Its about freaking time as well this is my first normal post after my trip and the whole hustle of the luggage is over it has been causing me a lot of headache but enough talk about the subject its resolved and now moving on..
My trip, will the whole magic of Europe was simply beyond me its not the country or the people its the whole major difference between this and where I came from. I enjoyed every single minute of it I met a lot of interesting people and been to a lot of interesting places. I experienced for the whole period of 10 days the whole could have or would have or how it will be.. If one day my wish came true and I managed to move to Europe and it felt great I literally was not feeling thrilled about being back. Yes, I missed my family and my friends but I also would miss the whole atmosphere there.. I would do my best that at some point in my life I would be living there.. Home sick yes I would be but heck.. its worth it..
As for Normal life.. things are dropping back to its place..

13 Responses to “And.. We’re Back”

  1. yea, keep enjoying the Europe feeling until it hits you, “i am back” , then you will be a normal person again.

  2. Glad you got your stuff back babe and hope this mood of yours last for a while as for the notion and the way of thinking its only natural cause now you see what its like out there and you have something to look forward to.. Its like the saying goes, “You can not know what you are missing until you try it”
    You really wanna live abroad I can help you get a job in the UK if you want you know me I have loads of contacts there.. Bass would miss you girl how about we both go there and be flatmates we would have a blast what say you?

  3. Now Sand, I’m having enough trouble convincing her to stay, don’t get more ideas in her head, will you?

    I’ll buy you a nice brownie, just get her to stay here, the country will be damn boring without her.

    3amla 7ess lel matra7

  4. Oh come on Umslopagas this country sucks the only reason we are here is the lack of options if we can get to leave somewhere else and make good money why not leave into somewhere civil and do ourselves a favuor

  5. Someone once said home is where your loved ones are, this makes this highly shitty country home for most of us.

    There’s an egyptian proverb: “El deek fi mazbaltoh malek”.

  6. Why should we be content with ruins or mazbala like you say when you can have something different and better should we be content with the worse we have cause it’s what we knew I believe we should go for what we want orwe would live life filled with regrets

  7. I second your opinion girl I would certainly do that without being retarded or brought up in a farm guess where I would live??

  8. Bruges Baby

  9. Ding Ding Ding Bingo.. and the fact that the hottie Colin Farrell said that has nothing to do with my choice πŸ˜€

  10. Hands Off Colin is my hottie find yourself another crush “holding Colin in protective manner” πŸ˜›

  11. LOL in your dreams may be, I missed our back and forth comments girl I am glad we still have a year of fun πŸ˜€

  12. Oh you never know what will happen enjoy the gift rightnow Dear.

  13. hey if u guys are thinkin of goin anywhere, please take me out of this shithole. if loved ones wouldn’t want to come with me, then I’m ready to find another loved ones. how about moving to alex? that would be 300 km closer to europe πŸ™‚

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