Servo Quod Lost In In Man’s Terra
It’s a Dump Filled with abusive and in appropriate subjects and expressions if you are not cool with that go away, if you are then feel free to step right in :)


Why is it always that we want the things we can not have? I truly and honestly do not understand what our poor and twisted soul wants from us? We reach high stepping on the tips of our toes and trying to reach for the stars and yet we fall and we do not learn the lesson that we simply can not have it. Yet the mirage and the illusion there keeps making us try and get up and do it all over again not understanding that by every single error and fall we take we loose little shreds of our heart and soul that at some point in place and time, there will be nothing left..

You never go

You’re always here

Beneath my skin 
I cannot run away
Fading slowly

Give it all to you
Reaching as I fall
It’s already over 
Already over now

My best defense
Running to you
I can’t resist
Take all you want from me
Breaking slowly

Give it all to you
Reaching as I fall
It’s already over now
Loving you again
It’s already over
Already over now

You’re what I reach for when I fall

It’s already over
You’re what I reach for when I fall

It’s already over now

Red – Already Over Part Two

6 Responses to “Why?!”

  1. My dear girl, this is what life is about, having an unattainable goal.

    Let me show you the alternative.

    I graduated 5 years ago with one goal, to be utterly successful, a name that people look up to.

    I kept focused on that for very long, working 72 hours in a row sometimes, going to work with 40 degree fevers.

    Now, I’ve got what I wanted, in my field I’m known by name, am getting paid more than double what everyone else is getting.

    But looking back at the price, I lost everything else, most of my friends, the best time of my life, when I should’ve been enjoying my time, but these losses are nothing compared to what comes next.

    I fulfilled my dream and am living pointlessly and aimlessly, just drifting through life, with no idea where life is taking me and what’s worse I’m utterly alone, I have nobody to share my other success with.

    My advice to you is never fulfill a dream, dreams are meant to remain as they are, dreams, cause when they do manifest into reality, they lose their meaning.

    Right now, I’m looking for a new dream to pursue, but guess what everything has passed by, so I’m stuck here, just waiting for the world to change.

    As for your current situation, if I guessed correctly, just never ever let anyone know you’ll always bounce back in their direction, you’ll just hate yourself for it even more.

    I apologise for the long reply, but you touched down on my biggest problem unknowingly.

  2. because humans are unsatisfied, greedy, selfish little f***ers.

  3. It is because of hope and surviving instinct.
    if we gave up everything we failed to get it from first round, it would end up that we gv up the life itself.

  4. A dream achieved is a dream lost. If you tried and failed you’ll try again, but if you tried and succeeded, what else is there to do? I guess that’s why the wise talk about purpose and not the dreams, because a purpose has a much bigger life and makes u feel much much better. I honestly don’t know what my purpose is. Do you?

  5. Umslopagas:
    Thank you for trying to make me feel better and hope one day you would make all your dreams come true.

    Zee puppet:
    We sometimes are.. but I do not think we can help it.

    True but its so hard to keep on trying and failing all the time right?

    May we both achieve dreams to feel content and have dreams to be always trying and have something to look forward to 😀

  6. yes, it is very hard and with every dream we lose, the pain is stil the same we never get used to it.
    but come on some dreams come true bardo el hamdolliah

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