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Lost and NOT FOUND

Yes, I am back from Europe and I have to say it was such an amazing thing, I met a lot of nice and amazing people and had a blast. I got home now and had a misfortune with my luggage as the famous Italian airlines lost my bags which they THINK is still in Roma. So here I am home but without most of my stuff which drives me nuts.. I sure hope they would get it back cause I can not loose all these small things that were in that bag. 
You see we take with us the things we can not live without, the things we consider essential for us to be okay, comfortable, and having a good time. I am trying not to think about it but to be honest its pissing me off and most of the people who have met me since I got back has probably heard about that more than they did about my trip..
God, I sure hope I would get it back.. ISA..
Pray for me peeps as for the pictures I uploaded some on face book and the rest are still on my camera cause guess what the cable was in the bag.. Fuck THIS SUX..

5 Responses to “Lost and NOT FOUND”

  1. 1st welcome bakkkkkkkkk

    miss ya very much

    and I am really sorry abut ur language we isa terge3

    very strange u think that this would happen in Egyptair or somthng but the Italian airlines itself !!!

  2. welcome back sweeta
    too bad you lost you luggage, but glad you enjoyed it there !, and hope you will get very thing soon, see ? if i hide in your bags i wouldn’t have come back 😉

    cheers (:

  3. airitalia are not that great, i know that much.
    did you get your stuff back yet or what?
    and your first post when you come from a vacation is about luggage? come on!

  4. Ma3lina
    Well this happens everywhere and for the record that never happened with Egypt air and thank u for ur welcome I missed u too girl hope u r feeling better

    True u would have been lost in the luggage but u would have got an extra week in Roma not bad huh?

    I know it’s lame but it’s driving me up the wall hopefully it would be over soon 8)

  5. did you get it back ? not yet ?

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