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A kick in the Balls

Yes, today my very proud self kicked a person in the balls in the subway. Okay I was on my way home and it was not that crowded as it usually is in the subway but this guy kept on standing behind me too closely I was like fine may be he liked how my hair smells and then he starting to get closer and of course after that I recognised it was not my hair he was interested in !! I backed away for a bit but still this guy kept on nagging me and then I turned around looked at him to see his stupid grin on his face expecting me to have a conversation with him cause I was facing him now..
But the only conversation that took place was between my knee and his balls.
Jerk, I hope he was in a lot of pain..


5 Responses to “A kick in the Balls”

  1. Well, he got what he deserved, nothing to add here.

    Just let me know when you’re in the subway to get in a different cart:D

  2. Bravo 3aliki and yes he deserve it :)…a7san

  3. Didn’t know brave girls ride the subway 🙂

  4. You see, harassment is about being intimidated, you weren’t intimidated, however, next time this happens, I recommend you just bare with him till the next stop then act there, not by hitting him, but by heading somewhere safe.

  5. well done!
    Kudos for you, hope it was strong enough to cause some REAL damage.

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