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Is that healthy?

Okay a friend of mine is going away for a while but it is not a normal friend you see its one of the friends that you talk like a multiple times a day and go out for coffee when you are down or not feeling like going out with people where you have to put on your civil face. Now my Question is..

Is it healthy to get attached to a person like that? That you feel down when they are not around? I am not talking about the sentimental crap and romantic attachment cause this friend is a she by the way..And now to the answer of the question that popped in all your “innocent” heads is “No, I do not swing that way if you know what I mean, not yet anyway ;D..”

I mean why is it that we get attached to a certain person? Is it that hard that we find someone who find it okay for us to be who we are? And is it cool to keep close to such a person? or You should keep your distance and get used to that fact that at some point in time this person might not be around?

I need an answer boys and girl?

Now I leave you with a song that a friend of mine introduced me to and I can not stop listening to it ever since.. You really should download it..
Here is how it goes..

“I was born one mornin’ when the sun didn’t shine
Picked up my shovel and I walked to the mine
I hauled Sixteen Tons of number 9 coal
And the store boss said, “”Well, bless my soul””
You haul Sixteen Tons, whadaya get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don’t you call me cause I can’t go
I owe my soul to the company store
Repeat Chorus
Born one morning it was drizzl’n rain
Fightin’ and Trouble are my middle name
I was raised in a canebrake by an old mama lion
And no high-toned woman make me walk the line
Repeat Chorus
See me comin’ better step aside
A lot of men didn’t and a lot of men died
I got one fist of iron and the other of steel
And if the right one don’t get ya, the left one will
Repeat Chorus
Born one mornin’ when the sun didn’t shine
Picked up my shovel and I walked to the mine
I hauled Sixteen Tons of number 9 coal
And the store boss said, “”Well, bless my soul””

Ernie Ford – 16 Tons


8 Responses to “Is that healthy?”

  1. Damn it girl, how things happen, right now I’m feeling quite the same.

    Even if you do decide to get used to the idea it’s difficult, we have the chance to learn that our friends are not there the hard way now.

    About the song, love it, used to be my favourite 14 years ago, Frank Miller does it better though;)

  2. “why so serioes?”

    well, why so afraid? it’s like someone who found a trasure, and instead of using it to make himself happy, he sat beside it wondering if the treasure will change his life to the better or to the worse, if it might belong to someone else, if it might get stolen one day. just enjoy it! if she’s understanding and compassionate and makes u feel comfortable, why are u afraid that she might not be there someday? to tell u the truth I sometimes start thinkin the same way if we didn’t talk for a week or so, but then I remind myself that it’s silliness to make my present bitter because the future might not be as good!

    exuse the sermon. I’ll miss her too.

  3. Marooned, you’re the best of us yet.

    I for one was selfish enough to feel sad she’s leaving, but you’re absolutely right, she’s there enjoying herself.

    We can all make her a welcome back party when she’s back, what say you guys?

  4. Oh Wow did not know that the three of us are suffering together what can I say.. Misery loves company 😛

    Anyhow talked to our friend in a little while she was biking hehe and I thought smoking killed all her outdoors activities..

    Hang in there boys its only 9 days :D:D

  5. Now, 8 days only, the withdrawal symptoms are showing:(

  6. I think you guys just answered your own question.

  7. zee pupette: you pay too close of an attention;)

  8. Zee Puppet and Umsplopagas:
    You are right I believe we just did 😀

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