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Ticks me OFF

Okay recently been feeling really bad cause I have a cold but hey I think everyone in this weather should have a cold.. What really ticks me off is you do not know whether its cold or hot you don’t wear a jacket cause you think that the weather is fine then you get cold you wear the jacket then it gets hot so you take it off and I could go on and on its a vicious circle I guess by now you guessed how I got the cold and for a certain person “No, it was not cause I was smoking in the balcony at 2 AM”

Okay another thing that really ticked me off, today I bought a bottle of shampoo and yours truly went innocently to take a shower to be hit in the face with.. a black shampoo. I would like to meet the brainaic who came up with this one.. Shampoo is like soap for your hair right? Everyone know that soap is usually light colored.. I do not mind any other colour but BLACK..

Now that is bullocks!!

10 Responses to “Ticks me OFF”

  1. hay sherke fadyet ash’3al te3mal shampo aswad 😛

  2. don’t worry yourself about that too much sarah, i use one that is very dark blue but is actually very friendly for blond and/or gray hair (like mine :P)

    keep well 😉

  3. Artist:
    I really dont like it, Will you use it?

    Long time no hear its really nice of you to drop by.. I could dig any color but come on black really put me off.. on the other hand I could be really loosing it =) you never know

  4. Yuck Black shampoo its like using Mud It totally ticks me off too, about the weather I surly agree with you that the whole jacket thing could make you sick but and that is a BIG BUT smoking in the balcony really did not help you should find an alternative I know you are too old for the bathroom but hopefully you would think of something don’t want you to be sick next week my friend

  5. Sand:
    I second the whole black issue about the cold I know it did not help but the whole fresh weather and feeling a bit chill in the air is totally amazing you should try it yourself.. As for next week I can not wait we are 6 days and counting my friend but will sure miss talking to you..

  6. Aren’t you going to be on line during your stay wala eih?

  7. I think I will manage at least during Vienna 🙂

  8. sure i will, 7asab 2ady 7a2o 😛

  9. mmm adventures arent we Artist I do not mind donating my bottle to you.. lets arrange a drop off 😀

  10. I like feeling a bit cold in the beginning of the winter, so actually till now I didn’t even get the winter clothes out, stil wearing T-shirts. I only start wearing winter clothes when my muscles start contracting out of coldness.

    as to the black shampoo, I think I used one before, that really lousy invenstion of a shampoo for men only. the men bottle was black, and I think the shampoo itself was dark, but not sure if it was black or not.

    ana ba2et ra3’ai awi!

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