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The Day my baby CRASHED!!

Today I woke up and find out that my laptop is still configuring the updates it installed yesterday and had the same message it did before me hitting the sack |Confugring stage 3 of 3 of updates – 0% completed|
Okay this is totally not good meaning that basically nothing happened since last night, I figured I should restart it and it will pick up to my surprise when I did the message re-appeared and it kept on showing the same message and restarting for 5 to 6 hours.

I got totally pissed off and out of the mood my entire life business and personal wise is on this machine and I felt lame and paralyzed how one machine could screw up my life. The mere feeling that I might need to re-install windows and my machine has only one drive which is the C drive meaning if I re-install Windows I would loose everything I have on the hard drive, I basically felt like its the end of the world.
A friend called me to find me so pissed off I apologized if I sounded like an Ass but he told me “I can imagine your entire life and your day is spent with this laptop” and it hit me.

Have I totally become dependent and hooked to this machine? back in the days I could not care less if the windows or the PC crashed but now it totally got to me and really really ruined my day. When I realized I had a recovery CD and used it and everything went well you could not imagine the grin in my face and in spite feeling lame for being that close and hooked to a machine I was happy my baby got back on its two feet..
Amazing how hooked can we be, isn’t it? =)


11 Responses to “The Day my baby CRASHED!!”

  1. Oh I totally get what you mean felt the same when my IPOD got formatted and lost 15 gaga of my music felt like shit it took me 3 months to get things back on track lucky you you did not go through that 🙂

  2. first, you can get your data back, no problem
    second: isn’t it clear yet ? stop using windows guys and use linux ! in a word without walls and barriers (the internet) we don’t need windows and gates !
    third: there is nothing wrong with getting attached to that machine, ti makes your life easier


  3. Sand:
    Oh my God I am sorry to hear that if this happened to me I would feel bumped about it and probably wont be able to have the patience to get it all back.. you are good girl 😀

    I would love to ditch windows would you mind lending my the CD and I would give it a try or something better why dont you buy me a MAC and I would leave windows for good ;D just a thought..
    It is really good that there would have been a way to get back my data you have no idea how bad I felt as for getting attached to the machine I do not mind it that much its the most reliable thing I have in my life right now 😀

  4. I totally get what u mean, u know i really get upset if my mob or mp3 or my pc huv a malfunction and I can’t feel well until they r fixed

    7amd alah 3la samlet ur baby :))

  5. Hey Doc Allah yesalemeek would have came to you to write a prescription bass glad there was no need.. It seems I am not the only one with a weird and lame connection to machines 🙂 which is a relief

  6. If my laptop crashes, I’m up for a huge depression 🙂 I have everything I need on it! But you do need to get more partitions and an external hard drive just in case. It will make your life a little less complicated and on the edge 🙂

  7. ahhhhhhh! if that happened to me I would totally freak! lucky you found that cd! I actually keep a back up for EVERYTHING on my computer… an external hard drive… and now i’m kinda paranoid I might lose that so i’m thinking of buying another one… to have back up for the back up.. you know!
    linux isn’t a bad idea at all.. i should try that!

  8. isn’t it surprising that most of our lives are attached to our laptops? it’s simply how the world has become. all your work, data, music, movies, pics, site passwords, etc. are on that machine. I second getting partitions and an external drive. it’s not so good to lose a month’s work because something happened to the laptop whether it be a windows crash or a real one!

  9. sometimes it’s a relief to have a clean new space, following the initial “i wanna kill myself” feeling. a chance to start over.

  10. The worst fears of the most pessimistic sci-fi novelists are starting to become sick realities nowadays..
    Try not to leave yourself without a backdoor/backups..

  11. Hawk:
    I know what you mean I am now thinking of having a back up of the back up.. Sighs* now I sound too geeky

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