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A friend of mine was feeling really down cause she asked a guy out for coffee and the ass said “No”. Needless to say that my friend is really nice and considered one of the good bunch that you could actually sit down and enjoy an entertaining and witfull conversation.
Now upon her demanding a reason why, the guy gave her the worse excuse ever which simply did not add up. She came clean and said that it was fine if he told her that she is simply not his type. He insured that it was nothing of the sort and stuck to his stupid reason.

I do not get it what is wrong with the fact that a girl ask a guy out for coffee? What could this guy possibly loose if he said yes and went out for the 20 minutes cup of coffee is simply beyond me?
My explanation is either he gets intimidated by women who knows what they want and go for it? Or he simply found it weird that she did asked him out.

Now the question would you do the same if a girl out of the blue asked you out? Would you prefer to be the one who is hunting and not the hunter?

A simple question that really is confusing me..


10 Responses to “WTF?!”

  1. I don’t think it has anything to do with her asking him out, or else he’s reallyyyy old fashioned. maybe she’s not his type or that he has a gf or anything of the sort..

    as to being asked out, I don’t see how that can be offending. I’ve been asked out before and it’s not at all a guy thing to do, it’s just an invitation to go out!

    but what about this “out of the blue” part? it’s like she didn’t even know his name or sth 🙂

  2. Well, first of all she did know his name. Second of all the guy is single. Third of all she asked if the reason is she is not his type and he confirmed very firmly it is not the reason. What the fuck could have a cup of coffee cost him, instead of making someone who collected all the guts in the world to ask a guy out feel bad?
    Can you answer this one Mr. Maroon-ed?

  3. May be your friend needs to understand that she is probably not the type people like to meet for coffee Sand..
    PS: u know what

  4. Here my sixpence.

    I used to meet anything and anyone with the slightest hint at femininity, used to hook up with girls over the internet even.

    Then something happened that changed that, I’m being stalked by a girl for the last 4 years now, I met her for a blind date, then she wasn’t my type at all, I ended the outing about an hour later, so as not to offend her.

    Now, she calls me atleast 8 times a day, along with a couple of SMS’s.

    This is what I call fatal attraction, if this girl sees me with someone else, she’ll either shoot me or the girl with me.

    After this experience, I decided, I’m not meeting anyone unless I know them well and am very comfortable with them.

    I do my best to stick to this rule, not always, but my best.

    Maybe this guy has been bitten before??

  5. well, my dear miss Sand, it’s hard to say that someone is not someone else’s type when he’s being nice to him. It’s the hardest thing in the world. It’s much easier to invent lame excuses that imply the not-my-type thing rather than say it aprubtly.
    Something else: maybe he was playing dor el shabb elte2eel? ma astab3dsh el mwdo3 da bel nsba lel egyptian guys el sara7a 🙂
    Hope he’s worth the effort, really. If not tell your friend I’ll be happy 2 have coffee with her even without askin :p

  6. People:
    One big correction it was not a date it was an invitation for coffee for God’s sake an invitation for friendship civil conversation, human interaction and that was it.. JUST DAMN COFFEE
    “Banging head to wall”

  7. life is so unfair, isn’t it?

    next time tell he 2 choose more wisely who she wants 2 have coffee with, that’s all.

    salamet dema3’ek 🙂

  8. My bad, in that case, he’s an asshole:D

  9. oh well…she shudnt be all that upset about it..he obviously doesnt deserve the cupa coffee…

  10. I don’t actually see what he did wrong, she invited him to go and have a cup of coffee and he refused, why does that mean he’s a jerk? just cause he didn’t give her a good enough reason, even if he has a lame reason, it’s his own reason.
    if the table was turned and a guy asked a girl for a cup of coffee and she said no, and he demanded to a reason , everyone would say he’s been an ass, she asked he refused, it not a big deal

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