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Lyrics that speaks for me.. AGAIN

We’re the ones who never die, always proud and standing tall
We’re the ones you’ll always find standing when the curtains fall
We have nothing left to lose; we’ve already lost the world
We’re just ordinary boys; we’re just ordinary girls
And though we’re left with nothing, we have madness on our side
We manifest what’s on our minds

Everything we know is not the truth
It’s all a lie; it’s in our minds
Heads up, wake up
Get the fuck up, and look around
And face the truth

We call this place planet Earth, an institution for the mind
A place where all the things you love, and all the things you hate combine
We have nothing left to lose; we’ve already lost the world
We’re just ordinary boys; we’re just ordinary girls
Now here’s the biggest secret: Nothing means a thing to me
Nothing means a thing to you

All the things that we regret
And all the things that we forget
Nothing matters in the end
And everything that we will find
Bottled up inside our minds
Come the truth they’ll be destroyed

The Truth – BadApple

Downloadable right here


8 Responses to “Lyrics that speaks for me.. AGAIN”

  1. Love the Lyrics.. absolutely amazing and their vocals r awesome !!

  2. I still say that lyrics is a big misconception, the word is lyric, it’s already a plural and has no singluar:P

  3. I like the song download it, its good you are starting to dig that you are one of those who is still standing after the curtain fall. Keep rocking my friend \m/

  4. Umslopagas:
    I can not believe you with your grammatical corrections.. exactly like the way the actor speaks, leave the part look at the whole my friend

  5. What can I do, I can’t miss the opportunity to mess with my dearest friend here, it’s an ongoing joke thing:)

  6. It’s also a thing I have with words that are wrong, but cause they’ve been said by so many people they became right.

    Something like Alzheimer’s Syndrome, that was suddenly reduced in Egypt to “Zehaimar”, as if the “al” is “the”.

    Sorry for that, but had to put it in

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  8. The lyrics that you write yourself will not only speak for you best but simultaneously heal your momentary state of emotion…

    try it some time..

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