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RIP Sarah

We shared a lot of things than just the same name, I have just found out that a friend of mine passed away I was shocked by the news I insisted on going to the funeral although any person who knows me would tell you that I do not do funerals or weddings but I went to hers. Went to her home where it was always too jammed and small for us to hang out in like mine. I saw her mum and how she was crying and hugging every friend of hers as if trying to find a piece of her daughter in them.

What was so hard about accepting her death was the fact that she took her own life. Yes Sarah at some point must have felt quiet disparate to get hold of that bottle and decided to end it all.
I have no idea why all I know there was a relationship that ended a while ago but this could not be the reason as she was the one who ended it.
Me being drowned in my own shit did not manage to be around her as much as I wanted being one of the few remaining old friends. A week ago I found a missed call from her and for some stupid reason I did not get back to her and I can not get over the feeling that if I did things would have been different, in the funeral could not make eye contact with her mum

What would have been the reason that pushed her to take that decision that her life is over and she has nothing to look forward to, I feel sad and numb and do not know what to do. I hope she would found whatever she was looking for on earth there on the other side.

RIP Sarah Will miss you girl.


8 Responses to “RIP Sarah”

  1. may her soul RIP.

  2. Amen to that artist thanks man

  3. Allah yer7amha Ya Rab and gives all her lovers the patience.

  4. I doubt if you would have got hold of her, you would have been able to change her mind.
    Allah Yer7amha we yesam7ha

  5. Browine:
    May your prayers come true thanks dear

    So is everyone saying, amen to your prayer

  6. My heart is out for you dear 🙂
    May Allah have mercy upon her soul and give her beloved ones strength 🙂

    Do not be harsh on yourself , what is meant to be will always find away no matter what we did to prevent it 🙂

    Just Pray for her 🙂

  7. Oh that’s why the gloomy mood, I am going to share with you a little insight of mine we are all born with something like an expiration date and when our time is up its up, as simple as that. If you did all the possible things it would not have matter cause her time was simply up dear.
    Toughen up and move on.
    PS: Not answering your phone, MSN, and isolating yourself IS NOT GOING TO BRING HER BACK..

  8. so sad, yet not a time for guilt or regrets… cherish the good times and learn the lessons from the lesser moments because all things happen for a reason, sometimes unknown…

    keep well 😉

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