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Hell There is Smoke Coming Out of your Nose

Here is the situation in a nut shell been sitting there numbly listening to my mum’s lecture about how I am drinking too much tea and coffee, not eating regularly, and smoking too much.. okay keeping in mind this conversation took place while I was smoking after having lunch and enjoying the after the meal smoke when suddenly my mom looked at me as if I had pink elephants flying out of my hair and screamed:

Mum: The smoke is coming out of your nose? “El Do7’an tale3 men mana7’ereek”
Me: *Looked at her* of course it does mum, I am smoking..“Tab3aan ma ana bada7’en”
Mum: I did not know you inhaled it in, I thought you were just puffing. “kont fakrakee betnafa7’ee”
Me: Mum I have been smoking for four years now you think I have been puffing all that time, why don’t I just get my money and burn them? “Ana bada7’an ba2alee arba3 seneen.. banfa7′ kol daa”
Mum: yes, but its coming out of your nose? “2aiwa, bass men mana7’ereek!”
Me: So what???? “2wia we ba3deen ya3nee”
Mum: That means it gets in your chest and you breath it. “Ya3nee betetnafeisih,,”
Me: Yeah… “2wia”
Mum: From your nose.. You gotta quiet smoking!!!!!!“Men mana7’ereek.. lazim tebatalee sagayier”

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59 Responses to “Hell There is Smoke Coming Out of your Nose”

  1. very amusing..:)
    you should smoke your ciggarete in a closed room ,that what I do to get rid of parent’s nagging ..although smoking in a closed place is more harmful ..but hey you got to do what you got to do,right 😉

  2. Well smoking in closed places beats the hell out of looking at you like a damn dragon puffing fire from your mouth.. parents will be parents I presume 😀

  3. You reminded me of “El 3eyal Kebret” when they kept telling their mom.. “MEN MANAKHEERAK !!”

  4. Well I know the play did not feel that funny though my mum was actually surprised dont know what the fuck for??
    However eventually she cracked me up:D

  5. Well your mum might be glad that the smoke is not coming from your Ass LOL
    Where else can it comes from when you smoke.. Mums tend to be such drama queens sometimes 😀

  6. Sand:
    Totally understand where u r coming from.. you should have seen her she really was shocked.. did not know if I should calm her down or laugh my ass off 😀 speaking of ass tab3an 😀

  7. Look at the bright side, she doesn’t wake you up at 6 AM on Friday, to let you know that you must quit, as she suspects you’re developing lung cancer, as you were coughing in your sleep.

  8. Well not at 6 AM but that is what you take when you have a doctor in the family my mum is talking generic and mainly about the image when all fails she mentions the health she still maintains the image only call girls smoke and can take it someone may think that about me.. does not know that it is not that simple these days nor that black and white 😀

  9. Ok I second Sand, and I think u should quit smoking at least in front of her. for some reasons these kind of things lose all of its charm when done in the open, I dunno what the hell I mean but.. who cares!

    I like smoking sigarettes in the winter, I think that’s the only practical use for it, 2 give u a little warmth! will be borrowing sigarettes from u pretty soon 🙂

  10. its easier to read the Egyptian sentences 😛 (shorter than the English ones)
    and btw, yea, you should quit smoking !

  11. Maroon-ed:
    Well I understand the whole urge and thrill of doing things in the dark but not with smoking it doesnt give that thrill does it?
    As for cigarettes and winter I think you got them mistaken with the house heater may be cause these are portable? May be..

    Well I do think that translation suck things out of its original meaning but c’mon my mum was bilingually original in this one..
    As for quitting smoking.. why smoking is fun? 😀

  12. Ur bk again to smoking !!!!!!

    I remember when u wrote about how ur happy that u quit it what happened ?? missed the dragon face >?!!

  13. Doc:
    Well sort of remember the song “Puff the magic dragon” will I think its me in a nut shell 😀
    Sorry to disappoint you M

  14. Sou:
    Puff the magic dragon was about smoking weed, is there a hidden message here wala eih?

  15. Sand:
    I am talking about mere and pure tobacco no messages here 😀

  16. I love this song’s version by Kingston trio, but I was so naive not 2 understand it till a friend pointed out the meaning! I thought it’s about real dragons u know.. maybe cuz I was translating LOTR at the time 🙂

  17. Maroon-ed:
    El translation kalet dema3’ak ya ebnee you have to think outside the box sometimes especailly when it comes to music 😀 Or just ask me and I will fill you in..

  18. but it would’ve been cooler if they mean real dragons. Dragons are cool!

  19. Maroon-ed:
    So is weed my friend ;D
    It depends on how you look at it 😀

  20. and drugs, adultery and driving at the speed of 180 throwing eggs at people are all fun! (:

  21. Artist:
    Oh they are fun 😀
    Bummer how all the fun things are not allowed shoot.. can’t we make a new code or something???

  22. yea, let’s start a new religion 😛 or stick to the flying spaghetti monster !
    morality my friend is an instinct, when know its wrong, still we do it because its makes no sense to me !.

  23. I would say lets start a new cult called “drugs, adultery and driving at the speed of 180 throwing eggs at people allowed” what do you think?

  24. Artist:
    Lets start the cult, what say you?

  25. Artist, Sand:
    What you two are up to starting reliongs and cults on my blog? God..
    Don’t I have a saying about this
    First of I want to be called Sarah’s Cult..
    What do you say?

  26. A cult, are you serious, sounds fun, I’ll miss you people when you burn at the stake:P

  27. Umslopages:
    Oh come on cults are fun, and I know you like barbecue…;D
    Why don’t you join us we would make beer allowed 😀

  28. Can we merge cults, I can’t leave my followers stranded you know.

    We must first have a totem, I recommend a pipe.

    I can then go on and says I have a weed-pipe for an ancestor.

  29. I say its fine matches the whole “Puff the magic Dragon thing” will see and revert to you 😀

  30. Oh Sarah’s Cult sounds lame especially with your nick name Sou, have you ever heard of a cult named Sou, I bet not..

    But I agree about the whole Totem thing.. Pipe is fine but what other cult are you talking about??
    Besides, where have “drugs, adultery and driving at the speed of 180 throwing eggs at people cult” suggester went?

  31. My other cult is a long story, it involves a drunk guy calling me long distance to inform that he’s found out that I’m a re-incarnation of Jesus.

    He also hallucinated about how my followers were waiting for me to go public with my mission of peace and stop war between the US and Egypt.

  32. He said that to you on the phone???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!! and you are still free as not dragged to custody and got the crap out of you to confess about your followers free?
    Lucky you..

  33. Tbh, I don’t know how I got away with it.

    Anyway, about the totem, we can adjust it match.

    How about a pipe, mounted on a carriage, to which is attached a bull (tour talou2a).

    We can even include sub-woofers on that.

  34. Well I agree I especially liked the sub woofers very very much but when you said bull I imagine balls LOL
    Don’t get me wrong I meant like a basket ball or baseball thing whatever lets change the whole ball subject..
    I dig the modification but seriously about the call don’t you know that phones in Egypt are tabbed you are lucky very lucky..

  35. I received the call, nothing I could do about it, good old Spencer, called me from the States at 7 AM Cairo time, probably the tapper was asleep, or they figured out it was a drunk guy.

    Anyway, I seem to always attract nut-cases, maybe cause I am one “yalli zayyena, ta3alou 3andena”.

    This really describes my whole life.

  36. OH Sand,
    Umslopages have quiet followers this guy and another artist/author/accountant and the list could go on and on he even have his own virtual bar..

    As for the tabs he was lucky with this one especially he have a friend who is X-IRA.. shoot hope I had not got him arrested now with my blog.. hehe..
    Anyhow I am in with the whole sub woofers things and the “BULL” Sam3enee ya katakeet bull as in tooooooor mafhom..
    2al Baseball 2aall

    LOL about yalle zeena ta3alo 3andeena :D:D:D:D:D you made me laugh after a truly rough day

  37. Wooooooooooo x-IRA and a virtual bar Umslopagas, what kind of world do you live in?
    But with this one I recon we would come visit you in jail soon and bring you 3essh we 7alawa
    ta3zeena el 7arra 😀

  38. and btw I really meant baseball really dont know where you got that other idea, you know me innocent as a dove a white dove even “giving her innocent look”

  39. I’m a gamer you could say, I play an online game frequently, we have a sort of community and a forum, you’d be surprised what you’d find in there.

  40. Forget about the 7alawa, they have a way of using it for making people leak.

  41. What do you mean do not understand this one? I have been here for four years only but did not come across this one?
    Explanation anyone?

  42. Sand:
    Will explain it to you later, I refuse to have the different usages of 7alwa on my blog. Balls mashi lakeen 7alwa la we alif laaaa..

    Dont you dare explain.. I got this one covered

  43. I’ve been living here all my life and I don’t know what the heck u’re talkin about! Sarah please explain it to me too

  44. unfortunately the majority has spoken well guys:

    Water and lemon are used to create something also called 7alawa not the one we eat another thing that women use to remove hair in spite being extremely painful thats what he meant
    Over and done with

  45. Just for the record, I wasn’t going to explain

  46. Oh my god u turned the blog to a Ghorza loool

    weed and Puff the magic dragon lool

  47. May I add they made another flavors beside the Lemon lool

    Who r these ppl !!!

  48. so guys, let’s get back to the main point of this topic please !
    the new religion 😛
    nah, its not gonna be sarah, sorry, and we won’t have a god , we will have to deal with the alien shift that will happen in 2012, we will convince the people that they’ll have to pay 1 dollar a day to us to save them that day and take them on a space shuttle before the earth get destroyed or move to another dimension, we still don’t know what is gonna happen ! (we will come up with a story)
    what else?
    and for the name, I think “hataku” is fine, its creepy and unpredictable :P, our followers shall be called “hitokiris” and “hitokiras” , the only prayers will be paying the money.

  49. Money’s too predictable, let’s make it in the sort of a donation, you know buy the founders a PS3, or “ta3atfak lewa7doh mesh kefaya, ekfel hitokiri fi beitak”, sounds more reasonable

  50. Doctor:
    I really do not know what happened one thing just led to the other hehe and thanks for the info about the other flavor..

    OMG, how did you come up with the whole alien thing.. hehe come imagination you have but I like the name sounds mysterious enough.. but I like Sarah better 😛

    Well although you should watch less TV.. but it sounds credible 😀 we like to be made fools dont we?

  51. sarah:
    lol ! nope ! i didn’t come up with the alien thingy, its there before 😛 a long story, I recommend you read this:

    good idea, but not at first, ppl can’t get PS3s for them selves !, so let’s keep that for later, or like a big prayer in the system, you don’t have to do if you can’t !

    so, should i start our church ? it can be an online church you know 😛

  52. oh Shoot and I thought you made it all up 😛

    Artist, Umsplopagas:
    U guys really think PS3 would make people care about cults and relgions man we are so fucked..
    But its a deal smoking is allowed.. I really can stand nagging anymore

  53. Oh and is there fe3lan Churches on line?

  54. ehh, just pay the 2 dollars for yesterday and today and then we will think about it 😛
    don’t be late, ra7 yetjama3 3aleeky floos heek !

  55. Oh c’mon it started on blog due to my post couldn’t I get like a discount or be a union member 😀 or a cult member in our case?
    OH we are so getting arrested hehe

  56. yea, fe churches online, such as the flying spaghetti monster church here:

  57. you are the one who is getting arrested btw, sho khasna e7na 😛
    b3deen 7eta el 2a3da2 byedfa3o, i collect the money 😛 (you trust me right ? :P)

  58. Keda ya Artist men 2olweha sho 7’asena we keda.. mashi ya seedy el segeen lel ged3an..
    La2 ba2a ana 3aiza discount we I am the one collecting the money, I trust you tab3aan bass enta mash3’ool we keda. I suggest a fee for the founder (elee hoa ana) to be 0$ sounds fair mesh keda?

  59. I collect the money, it’s my totem after all

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