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It’s a Dump Filled with abusive and in appropriate subjects and expressions if you are not cool with that go away, if you are then feel free to step right in :)


It seems I have been forgetting a lot of things lately I mean I would forget my head somewhere if it was not attached to my shoulders but lately I really out done myself..
Took a sip of my diet coke and forgot to swallow it for 30 minutes I laughed my ass off.. I think nobody on this planet have ever done that. LOL

9 Responses to “Forgetting”

  1. Are you kidding forgot to swallow really? I thought I out done myself when I forgot my ATM card in the machine but you win my dear definitely

  2. go to the doctor 😛

  3. Sand:
    Yes I did the ATM is a normal thing I did it once but dont know how I ignored the loud beeping the machine does if you forget the card LOL its seems I am deaf as well of course I win

    Will do If i remembered.. 😀

  4. how do you forget to swallow?

  5. Bruno: I did not forget to swallow but I have a habit of keeping whatever I am drinking in my mouth for a second or two but this time I forgot to, which was weird

  6. emkaneyyat bardo!

  7. Maroon-ed:
    Tab3an dee 2a2al 7aga 3andie 8D

  8. If it makes you feel any better, I was out yesterday between 7 and 11, I needed to use the bath, but I thought I’ll wait till I get there.

    The conversation was so interesting, I went for a leak at 11, when I got home.

  9. Oh hell from 7 till 11 that must felt reall good when you finally went to the bathroom “zee makon ta3baaaaaaaaaaaaan we erta7et” LOL

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