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Well yesterday I ended up not going to SOS and I headed directly to El Sakyia Cultural wheel to attend one of the best rock local band around and that is BadApple to be honest my attempts to park were truly down the drain which is always how I know when El Skayia has a good gig or a loved band well no surprise there..
I went in, waited till the gig started where I heard the band jamming and I was astonished is my ears tricking me? or I am hearing the jamming of “wherever I may roam” by Metallica I felt thrilled and freaked at the same time no local band performed for Metallica , especially “wherever I may roam” and lived to tell the tale whether its the vocals of James Hetfield or the base of Jason Newsted
although I am a mere listener I felt a crack in my stomach and then the gig started and was welcomed by some of the amazing originals the band have which was a bliss to a rocker’s ears such as yours truly.
On the other hand I could not help to notice that the place was packed and everyone was screaming their lungs out while the band performed and you could clearly hear “2iwa Ba2a” the band’s motto screamed from their dedicated fans.. so far so good.. then the band amazed us all when they did played Metallica’s famous single while they played around with the guitars and I coluld not believe my ears now do not get me wrong I support local bands all the time but when it comes to Metallica if you guys did not know your shit don’t go there but this guys DID KNEW THEIR SHIT and the single was played flawless from an amazing vocals from Amr khaled to an amazing base from their lead Guitarist Medain to Tarek Rakha and Azmy thier kick Ass drummer.. they played it and they did it well and I was amazed and thrilled like an over zealous puppet got hocked to the electric wire on a volt way too high and I was happy I went there..

The band also made my night and they performed their original song “Mesh 2ader Biad” that one got me cracked up till the morning and I could not believe myself funny, amazing, entertaining but also falls into the category of sad but true..

Amazing night with amazing performance, also the band announced that their T-shirts are available at astrix located in El Nour street from Mosadak St., Dokki if you would like to get them..

Guys keep on rocking and fans keep on listening cause all I really care about is they keep on rocking..

\m/ 2wia ba2a\m/ Long Live the Rock


6 Responses to “BADAPPLE’D”

  1. So what happened to ur alex plans !!

    Still, gr8 u had gr8 time wiz ur rocking band :))

    Loved their poster very muchhhhhh

  2. SOS got postponed and was glad i managed to attend BadApple I had an amazing time you know me such a rock head but live concerts really makes you feel alive and pump adrenaline in your veins its the only place where you scream and people find it okey you should try it some time very therapeutic

  3. Oh did not imagine you are into concerts since u do not like jammed places and noise but I doubt there is a good rock local talents but i trust your taste if you said they are good and u like metallica and Iron Maiden then they are worth checking out have a website??

  4. Oh i dont like jammed places and noise alright but that was good music and they are good trust me nobody plays a cover for metallica and get away with it if they are not talented they do have a webiste or you u can find them on facebook their tracks are there

  5. i heard that those gigs in egypt are dangerous and full of drugs, my friends are afraid to go because they don’t wanna get caught 😛

  6. Well the concerts at El Sakyia Culture center is really respectable its a very neat place even smoking is not allowed so tell your friends to go and don’t be afraid

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