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Addicted to TEA!

Today I drank 7 mugs of Tea with mint I guess it is only fair to declare that I am officially ADDICTED TO TEA WITH MINT

21 Responses to “Addicted to TEA!”

  1. for me, it depends on the mood, plus i love the Egyptian heavy tea (was it called qreesh or sth ? i dunno), and i like it with lemon and mint.

  2. Oh same here and today I was in the mood for Tea 😀
    the dark tea is sometimes called “kosharee” here

  3. Oh wow 7 mugs that size.. what were you on??

  4. Yes this size.. was not on anything what does being on something has got to do with tea??

  5. Such a rookie people on some kind of drugs drink tea to enhance it or get more high.. Ignorance is a bliss 😀

  6. Thats a new one to me..Thanks Sand for the info.. would not even ask how you know that ?:D

  7. If I told you would have to kill you ;D

  8. LOL okie

  9. hey sand, she was on caffeine :p

    n u know sarah, u should try earl grey tea, it’s just wonderful at least in the beginning! I can’t forget the 1st time I tried it! (well, actually the 1st time I tried it in Ahmad Tea label, Lipton Earl Grey SUCK!)

  10. Maroon-ed:
    Oh yeah I was on caffine alright
    but i hate green tea feels like .. i dont know but i did not like the taste “Yuck”

  11. Earl Grey is NOT green! it’s as black as the cup u photographed 🙂 and I too hate green tea

  12. If its not like green tea and black as this one I am willing to give it a true ma enta 3arfnee heavy and strong stuff are my favorite

  13. Wow, that is too much ,if you ask me .
    lately I have been avoiding drinking tea replacing it with coke ,because tea makes you dehydrated..
    it seems to be working well with you though;)

  14. Yasser:
    I loved it I hate milk and love Ment it gives tea a whole new taste if you asked me..
    We 3ala fekra Coke do the same thing like coffee and tea 😀 bass it makes you gain weight on top of everything else 😀

  15. tea with mint rocks!

    ps: this is misinformation, kosharee is not “dark tea”, kosharee means it’s not bagged and free to roam the glass or mug!

  16. Vile:
    It does indeed and thanks for the correction about the tea types do you know what is the other type called tayeb?
    Glad to see you around 😀

  17. barely around sarah, i’v been meaning to post the complete poem but never got around to it, but it’s good i caught you red handed talking about kosharee and stuff before it got out of hand.and what’s ‘tayeb’?

  18. Vile: Good to have you around even for a little while.. And thanks for the correction and saving cross culture and countries tea debate..
    Tayeb is good taste ya3nee 😀

  19. yea, thats it 😀 , qushary, ana shrebto bel sayeda zenab 3end kababjy el refa3y, it was amazing :D, b3deen kan awal yoom bel mowlad fa sho el ez3aj kan, eshy men el 2akher 😛

    cheers (:

  20. What is so great about tea that I seem to be missing?

  21. Posh Lemon:
    Its not the tea its the mint taste mixed with tea is the nice one I even have my tea very light not as dark as the picture might seem 😀 you should try it especially if you have fresh mint not the bagged ones .. trust me you wont regret it

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