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Musical Mood and Week

“Ask why You don’t wanna talk about the things that makes you cry

You’re never really sure about the reasons or the whys”

PaperBoy – Stabilo Boss

I have been feeling weird lately and I do not have the slightest idea why just like the above song suggests may be its boredom and anticipating I have no clue may be the light work flow is driving me nuts which I am not proud to say is really getting to me. However, this free time allowed me to get to know people I used to know but I did not really know them if you know what I mean. It is quiet strange really as some of them I did not imagine that I could enjoy their company and friendship that much and the timing could not been better or else I would have banged my head to the wall senseless.

I have been to a nice live event recently the Nile FM festival which took place in the pyramids, was a good change and an open air day spent away from the indoors and caffes typical places.. I also got to enjoy some talented local bands like Digla, and Bad Apple which really made wonder why such talented groups are not going commercial till now if they can do that well on their own with the little money they have imagine what they can do when they have the right tools..
I am also going to Alex. on the weekend to attend SOS there which is another nice change I have always enjoyed open air events, and love Alex in this weather, so good music, good setting, and good company what else can I ask for? I am going to spend the weekend there which would be a nice change have not seen the sea in a while and I dig Alex with only the locals there as I truly believe we Cairains tend to mess it up.
So it seems like its going to be a musical week and I am glad that I am using my free time in a constructive not to mention entertaining manner instead of driving myself nuts but I really hope the pace at work pick up soon or else I am going to bail on them as fast as you can say BORING..


3 Responses to “Musical Mood and Week”

  1. Gr88 change.. Enjoy :))))

  2. Nice Blog You Have hear..

    And Enjoy that The Kite Runner! I loved it and hope you do too!!

    begad el ketab dah assar feyya awy!!

  3. M:
    U r right a change that I truly need 😀

    Thanks glad you liked it
    I love the kite runner it really got me going some times when i was reading i felt a big hand squeezing my heart i rise my hat to the author 😀

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