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It’s a Dump Filled with abusive and in appropriate subjects and expressions if you are not cool with that go away, if you are then feel free to step right in :)

The Notion

Sometimes I hate my life for how senseless and aimless it seems most of the time, like the rest of the crowd my life is more about work and the rest of the drifters that pass by every once in a while and mostly all of them want something out of you, whether its materialistic need, physical need, or even social need. The mere desire of not to be alone and feel someone out there is simply there its the simple notion ofย Quid Pro Quo which now simply rules our entire existence.
I wish I could understand why I feel so much anger bottled inside my chest, how pissed I feel, with rage boiling up inside of me and I can not get it out but at the same time I do not know what to do with it how to release it? I do know I just do not know.


13 Responses to “The Notion”

  1. *sigh*
    sad truth

  2. life can be hard sometimes but mostly will reward you if you do the right thing..
    just my 2cents ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Life Geeked:
    Too true

    Sometimes you just want a crack of light down the tunnel if you know what I mean

  4. a change is always good, i used to be like you, but i did what i like, i set up this small lab in my place, and am always making projects and geeky toys,.. start making sth you like, fill your time and be productive.

    good luck

  5. well, if u look at it life really suck! you either spend money you don’t get or drain yourself to make money you don’t enjoy.

    did I ever mention that suicidals are the most interesting persons ever?

  6. life does not suck..we suck.

  7. people get things bottled up, crammed up, put on hold, frozen, and snoozed because most of the times we’re pretending. We’re pretending to be happy, we’re pretending to be excited, we’re pretending we give a shit, we’re pretending to be patient, n we’re pretending all along…so u bottle things up, u start the collection of little angers, tiny pissed-offs, minimal rages that eventually fill up ur life u feel u wanna bomb someone’s brains out.
    But that’s just me.

    And I totally second innate.
    enough with blaming life for what we make out of it.

  8. ok… what’s life??
    WE are life.

  9. Artist:
    So basically your advice is doing something I like? if yes I am already on it ๐Ÿ˜€

    Are you implying I am suicidal? How dare you? Well may be a little bit ๐Ÿ˜€

    True as its us how make life what it is ๐Ÿ˜€

    Zee Puppet:
    Long time no hear I feel exactly like that sometimes ripping somebody’s head off is the least of my fantasies to the extent that I sometimes day dream about it.. does that make me disturbed?? I wouldnt mind being one to be honest

    Totally agree but that means that I suck but lets admit I do sometimes..


  10. Well I know a thing or two about bottling up things it tend to come out in all the wrong places and times so I suggest getting out on your own terms it is better

  11. Sand:
    Well I know about wrong timings.. really should take it out, got any suggestions ?

  12. well Sarah,if u get the answer would u share it with me?
    for i feel lately so stressed and much anger inside,it starts to affect relations with other ppl too!!

    do u think it is a Gemini issue?!!
    maybe it is age and maybe relaising the fact that despite knowing alot of ppl at the end we are lonely:-S

    best wishes dear:)

  13. I guess its a rhetorical question with no answer.. dont know if its a gemini thing.. but bottled up anger is not a good thing try to let it out or it will release itself in the wrong place at the wrong time and things would be all over the place if you know what i mean ๐Ÿ˜€

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