Servo Quod Lost In In Man’s Terra
It’s a Dump Filled with abusive and in appropriate subjects and expressions if you are not cool with that go away, if you are then feel free to step right in :)


I have lost my virginity, here I have said it out loud. Yes, I know it is wrong I know my relgion and up bringing taught me better but I did lose it. I do not know what to do now I know marriage is out of the question now with yours truely not being a virgin anymore and that I have signed a life time of loneliness and being on my own just for a simple and utter stupid mistake.

I did not tell my parents, nor anyone in fact that is my first dealing with the matter in a balanced way. Here I have said it. Did not imagine this would be my first post but what better way to start the conversation.
See you all around.

9 Responses to “Lost”

  1. Well I now know what you mean by heavy load. look dear what is done is done and there is nothing we can do about it. I know it does not sound like a neat idea to spend your entire life on your own but who knows you would.. you do not even know if your entire life would be years or mere days live your life right now and right here leave tomorrow when it comes

  2. okay that’s the strangest start to a blog I have ever came by!

    well, it’s not for anyone 2 judge. and guess what? you don’t know where you’re gonna spend your life. if u’re not regrettin it religiously then don’t give a damn to society.

    know wt? to be honest (which is kind of strange) I’m still a virgin, never even kissed a girl, but now that I look at it, it’s out of cheer fear of regrettin it afterwards that I wouldn’t really want to do it. for some reason “al waze3 el deeni” is not there anymore. (not to mention my being incapable to love which is a totally different thing).

    again, it’s not for anyone 2 judge.

    I’m lookin forward to your future posts, if u don’t mind my readin them

  3. What a start !!

    I think ur still confused about what happened coz it seems happened recently.

    Anyway U should gather ur thoughts what will u do ? coz it is not the end of life but i think u should tell any member of ur family and discus it coz u can’t live wiz that load alone

  4. Try to consider Doctor’s opinion but think carefully before doing anything Sand cause the back firing is going to be loud

  5. Sarah:
    You have a very good point I am trying not to think about the future and live the present and thanks a lot for making me blog it felt lighter..

    You have a good point but its not about judging its about my inability to forgive myself for disappointing my parent..

    Dr. invisible:
    Well I can never tell my parent I can never handle or bare their disappointment in me. thanks for your advice though

    Well I would not do it anyway cause back firing of any sort is not acceptable

  6. well.. before typing in what an long arranged list of words that hopefully can show my point of view
    let me first try in short.. i hope u get the point

  7. I’ve just viewed this post, I see it strange really how our society treats intercourse as a taboo, but stranger still, is the number of exceptions related to that taboo.

    Allow me to tell you a small story my friend, it may seem irrelevant, but read between the lines.

    There was a buddhist master once, who was going on a trip with his apprentice, they came across a small stream, which needed to be waded on foot.

    Now, on the shore of that stream was a woman, who couldn’t get across, so, the buddhist master carried her across on his back (Remember, buddhists are not supposed to touch women).

    When they made the crossing, the apprentice was very silent for almost the rest of the day, until his master asked him what was wrong with him.

    So, the apprentice asked him how come he carried the woman.

    The master told him “I carried her across the river and dropped her 6 hours ago, why are you still carrying her?”.

    Now this story, as much as it may sound irrelevant is very deep.

    I’ll ask everyone here two questions, including myself:

    1. Has anyone here, even those who have not actually touched a person of the opposite sex, not wished for it, deep inside you?

    2. Do we treat a guy who’s had sex the same way we treat a woman, who’s had the same experience?

    If you can answer these 2 questions honestly, then go ahead and judge people, cause you’re no longer capable of making errors.

    Now, my reply here was not directed at you Sand, it was directed to whoever may read, if you want to learn from other’s sorrows, first learn from your own.

    I apologize for my reply being so long, and it probably makes no sense except to the writer.

  8. don’t let one mistake define who you are. you need to move on, and I’ve known a lot of guys that are willing to marry someone who’s not virgin.
    Anyways if you regret it religious wise then only God can forgive you and he will.
    if that is not the case then… don’t jump into conclusions and see where your life goes.
    O and one last thing that was a really dumb thing to do, sorry! had to be honest

  9. why would marriage be out of the question now ? :s

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