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All of sudden

I have been wondering about something I never actually seem to understand.. how can friends change over night and loose interest and care in another person who thought they were quiet close?
It came to my attention that a couple of friends who I love to pieces and used to think they are pretty close suddenly ditched me and stop calling or asking about me and when I asked why they got so distant they said I was delusional..
Weird, but I have to stop be friends with people who stopped caring.. Why the fuck they change all of a sudden?? I never understand.. but I am really pissed about it unfortunately you can not twist people’s arms to be your friend.. Can you?

11 Responses to “All of sudden”

  1. yes,i have been through this and what drives me crazy that i never learn.
    i always believe that friends are forever and whenever i choose someone to be my friend i would never drop him/her for whatever reason.

  2. didn’t it ever happen to you, to lose interest?
    time changes everything, i’ve got a few of those friends you are talking about, but i still call them, even if they don’t call back.
    but i do it out of duty, what would they do it out of?
    just remember, people are busy beings.

    p.s: i have watched dark knight, it didn’t let me down of course, but batmans voice getting all rough and manly when he puts the cape on?… now that was funny -_-

  3. the closer u were, the longer the time u’d take to finally realize why the distance emerged. it’s sad, but it’s life and u have to accept it.

  4. Thats so sad to happen all of a su6el , but it does happen :/, anyway those kind of friends are not worth getting worried for.

  5. They could be bored to death from you and decided to ignore you. What would you prefer for them to deceive you and just hang around if they do not like you any more? Being frank is important Doll!

  6. Brownie:
    I am glad you never learn or else you would stop making friends but glad you do not do this.. makes the world one more inconsiderate less πŸ™‚

    Well I do not drop friends all of sudden cause I lost interest especailly when nothing happened for me to see it coming.. Calling people out of duty I do not do that ever..
    PSS: Glad you liked the movie I do know what you mean about Batman’s voice.. funny

    It seems its one more thing I just HAVE to accept..

    Death Artist:
    I know where you are coming from but unfortunately that I care about those unworthy friends.. Shit happens I guess

    First of all that is the first time ever someone calls me “doll” I surely did not want them to act like they care but what happened for them to loose interest with a snap of a finger is what confuses me I just need an explaination

  7. People change rapidly or maybe they r disfunctioned somehow dunn know

    My best frn left just like that and I dont know why and to tell u the truth it used to get to me but now khlas kabert

    so my advice, Quit the quitters

  8. I say we start a new Race…immediately…a new race that’s a bit more rational…no not rational…but more…mmm direct-to-the point and freer.

  9. Ma-3lina:
    Very good advice worth taking..

    Too many Sc0Fi but sounds like a neat idea πŸ˜€

  10. finally got my guts to start my blog dear friend. check it out.. Thanks for the push

  11. Heeeeeeeeeey great you took my talk seriously I am so glad will get right on it M’me πŸ˜€

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