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Ramadan Came and Gone and here comes the feast

Ramdan came and is almost gone and it has been nothing but packed with a lot of events most of them is not pleasant which I am sorry to say.. It has came to me attention that Ramadan is some how gradually and some how slowly loosing its meaning, this year I have seen more and more people not fasting, more and more people not praying and more and more people go through their/our normal lives that is filled with things that we do and we know that is wrong but used to give them up in Ramadan but not any more. Is the month loosing its meaning? Or are we loosing our will to give up things for a month? Is it cause we can’t or we won’t? I got no idea..Some people shook their heads and told me if you are so convinced that you are doing something wrong why don’t you simply stop doing it all together it does not make any sense to stop it only in Ramadan.. To them I just say I am doing my best to behave for a month a year.. Whats your freaking excuse?

Here comes the feast next week and like I had no feeling for Ramadan I do not feel there is a feast coming its somehow a holiday season that I would like to end to bring back my working life into its normal rhythm and have some sort of a packed life even if its only packed with work.. I am fine with that. Better than nothing I suppose.

So Happy feast everyone the fact that I do not feel it does not stop it from coming.. But dare I ask why? Why the sensation we used to have as kids with the feast is gone? I am pretty sure it was not all about the new clothes and the brand new money that could cut your fingers with its sharpness even if it was partially about that,  Where is the rest? Where did that special feeling go?

Can Anyone tell me?


11 Responses to “Ramadan Came and Gone and here comes the feast”

  1. The fact is the community is changing to one that we don’t recognize, but the point is I’ve always thought Ramadan and the feast are personal. It’s not about the people around me, it’s just about ME and my family. This way, I’ve always felt Ramadan and I’ve always been happy in it. And I believe that if you can for one month become as good as possible, why not? God is forgiving and He’s the one who’s going to decide not the people.May He accept all our good deeds isA.

  2. Let me get this straight you give up your bad deeds for a month and then after the month is over you do it all over again? What may I ask is the point??

  3. As kids we knew how to have fun without feeling guilty… some did at least.
    I say give people who tried credit, even if it’s for a month only, but don’t judge those who didn’t.

  4. happy eid, and may next month bring more happy events for you and your family..:)

  5. Cesairo:
    You have a very good point.. I know that its about family but somehow I needed something more this year..
    And thank God its not up to people to accept or not to accept.

    Yes pretty much, think of it as a period for you to evaluate your life and try to change it..

    I was not judging at all was a simple wondering I am not Ms. Good deeds to tell you the truth but before people used to suck it in and endure it but not any more.. do not know if its the lack of caring or lack of will..

    Thank you for your wishes.. I just hope next month would be my regular cup of coffee I am not asking for much Am I?

  6. well,everything is losing its meaning wallah!!!

    yea, i did not enjoy this Ramadan at all, actually it was some kind of boring one to me, i used to say it is “masekh” this year!!!

    about quitting in Ramadan, well i began to believe that it is some how not so true, we have to act in good way all the time, other wise let us b ourselves !!

    i never enjoyed the feast, i can’t see what is so special about it??!!

    any way, greetings Sarah, wish u nice Feast dear:)

  7. I agree with Cesario that ramadan and the feast are personal. we don’t feel it anymore simply because we’ve grown up and what used to make us happy doesn’t have that effect anymore, or at least that’s the case with me.

    btw ur post needs massive editing. I can do that for u only for the 3edeyya of $100 :p, and believe me I’ll be happier than any kid :p

  8. Miasy:
    Thanks dear for your wishes and i with you on not enjoying Ramadan this year.. its over anyway.. Kol sana we entee tayba..

    Thank you for the editing offer but I would keep it as it is faa do not think about this 100 bucks thing.. You slay a 100 bukcs 3eedyia mesh kant 3ashra geneeh zaman when did it turn green all of a sudden ??

  9. SaraaaaAAAAhHHhh :
    Kol 3am w enti b kheir C=
    yn3ad 3aleke b sa7a w salam 😀

  10. Happy Eid :)))))))))

    bent ma tegy neroo7 “zai el naharda” ? did u see el trailer bet3o on tv ??

    AH and waiting for el 3edia bet3ty msh tensy zai el sana el fatet :p

  11. I think let people do whatever they want to do. If less people are fasting so be it. What’s the big deal? Maybe their idea of reflection and being good and all that bla bla is through different means. Besides people change. And thus they change into not being religious. I see no wrong in that. Actually, less people fasting means less recklessness on the roads (cars and shit).

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