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It’s a Dump Filled with abusive and in appropriate subjects and expressions if you are not cool with that go away, if you are then feel free to step right in :)

The Quote 2

Made complete sense..

Jonathan: And why should I trust you? Everything you told me was a lie.
White: Oh not lies Jonathan, that was foreplay and now your fucked.


10 Responses to “The Quote 2”

  1. LOL seems like an interesting movie indeed 😀
    What happened to your posts are you out of things to say?

  2. yea, that’s a good way to tell someone that he is right about sth wrong happening to him 😛

  3. Sand:
    It is indeed as for my posts well I do not know the reason exactly..

    It is a good way but somehow a weird movie

  4. sarah, after much consideration i decided that i might head your advice and watch a movie…dark knight?, it’s got christian bale and gary oldman…

  5. Vile:
    Dark knight is pretty good movie and an amazing performance from Heath ledger as the joker amazing script as well..
    Yes, “The dark knight” Seems like a good plan.. Let me know what you think.. and if you want some insight you could find it here

  6. it seems like a nice movie , i like Michelle Williams’s acting very much .
    I am curious ; what does your blog title means ?
    this is my first time here and it catched my attention..:)

  7. Yasser:
    She seems nice and the movie is quite interesting..
    My blog’s title is “Partum Vixi solus” its Latin for created to live alone one of my philosophies in life.. quite an eye you have since the image on “The Joker” almost made me forget it 🙂

  8. Sounds interesting!!

  9. This’s a very humorous and intelligent quote. I wonder why one can’t improvise similar line in real-life conversations. ha.

  10. Hawk:
    Interesting indeed..

    Well there is the fact that the script writer has a little more time than our average speaker, Just a thought

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