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The Quote..

Okay had a very rough couple of days but could not help myself while watching the movie “In Burges” but cracking up when I heard that quote.. Colin Farrell is simply the best even when he is not trying to be a comedian:

“Ken: Ray, you are about the worst tourist in the whole world. 

Ray: Ken, I grew up in Dublin. I love Dublin. If I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, 
Bruges might impress me but I didn’t, so it doesn’t.”


16 Responses to “The Quote..”

  1. he is true you know ! 😛

  2. How you doing Artist?
    I take it you have been to Bruges before??

  3. Burges is not bad actually but its a small time city for small time people

  4. LOL.. it seems nice though.. Isn’t it?

  5. Well it is.. but you can have it covered in about 6 hours and that is it.. Pretty small, its like a smaller version of Amsterdam, Now that is a city worse seeing

  6. LOL both on my to go list, to be honest

  7. Just a q. can u watch and enjoy entire american/english movies without the need to have arabic subtitles or not?

  8. Sure I can..

  9. no, but assuming from what i read … Dublin is at least as “good” as Bruges (:
    you go Venice

  10. LOL.. I have a lot of places to go have a notebook filled with list of places I would go before dying hopeully would go to half of them ..

  11. I lived somewhere three hours from venice and i never went there.

  12. Well its in Belgium actually loved how it looks in the movie.. apart from the city you have to watch the movie sort of a dark comedy that cracked me up real good.. and trust me I was not in the cracking up mood.

  13. i might, colin farrell is ok, but i’ve given up on movies a while ago,
    besides i was waiting for you to call me lame for skipping venice. -_-

  14. Vile:
    You really should watch movies its sort of an outlet sometimes as for Vince..
    I really can not believe you did this..ya ragel you were three hours away.. dee zee Alexandria Keda.. mesh mesada2aak (Banging head to wall)

  15. That’s more like it sarah… i’m a jerk 🙂

    I know movies are an outlet, that’s why i decided to close them up long ago, self discipline you may call it.
    Forcing myself to live reality…
    but it’s not working as far as i can tell.

  16. Oh do not do that do not close all the outlets.. putting your back against the wall is not something you do to yourself with your own hands.. trust me my friend time is quiet capable of doing that..

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