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Righteous Kill "Most people respect the badge. Everyone respects the gun. "

Okay when I first heard that DeNiro and Pacino are doing a movie together I was thrilled Now comes the new thriller “Righteous Kill” that pairs Al Pacino together with Robert DeNiro. They last teamed up in the great action caper “Heat” from Michael Mann. In that film, they only shared a few minutes on screen together. Here they share most of their scenes together. I saw the trailer and figured it was a dark movie and anticipated it and expected it would blow my mind away like Heat did but unfortunately it did not. I was simply waiting for it to end. As it was coming from the man behind “88 minutes” I simply was hoping this time he would not suck.

The movie goes like this Turk (Robert De Niro) and Rooster (Al Pacino) are partners in the NYPD Homicide Division. They have 30 years of service investigating murders, and before they pull the pin, they want to solve their last big case. The city has a serial killer who is targeting criminals who have fallen through the cracks of the judicial system and have gotten away with rape, murder, and other heinous crimes. The serial killer believes that he is helping the police by taking the scum of the earth out of society for good, never to hurt any law abiding citizens again. The serial killer shoots the criminal at very close-range and leaves a four-line poem justifying the execution. Turk and Rooster want to give this person a medal, but instead, they must arrest him before he kills again.

The movie was cold, distant and at some time flat boring.. “Righteous Kill” should have been so much more. The pairing again of DeNiro and Pacino was long overdue. Unfortunately the script let them down. “Righteous Kill” isn’t bad, but suffers from the weight of expectations. Yes, you could see it to watch two of the kings act but do not expect to hold your breath for this one its as simple as that..

Rating in my world 2/5


One Response to “Righteous Kill "Most people respect the badge. Everyone respects the gun. "”

  1. انا مبسوط جدا جدا جدا بمدونتك

    بس لو هنتكلم مبدأيا عن وجهة نظرك عن الافلام .. ياريت تقولي برضه ايه رأيك في جوانب الفيلم المختلفه مش مجرد الورق والتمثيل
    اتكلمي عن التصوير .. المونتاج .. الديكور .. الساوند تراك

    يعني كل حاجه عن الفيلم

    انا هاروح اكمل باقي المدونه


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