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Why is it that Mirrors sometimes freak people out?

It is a common superstition that someone who breaks a mirror will receive seven years of bad luck. One of the many reasons for this belief is that the mirror is believed to reflect part of the soul, therefore, breaking the mirror will break part of the soul. However, the soul is said to regenerate every seven years, thus coming back unbroken. To counter this one of many rituals has to be performed, the easiest of which is to stop the mirror from reflecting the broken soul by grinding it to dust. The belief might also simply originate from the high cost of mirrors in times gone past. According to legend, a vampire has no reflection in mirrors because it is an undead creature and has already lost its soul. Another superstition claims it is bad luck to have two mirrors facing each other. A simple belief also is that there is another side of us who is actually living on the other side. Weird but May be.. Anyhow after this introduction let’s talk about the movie of the evening..


Okay, I know I was very excited about that movie and really wanted to watch it specially after seeing the teaser while in theatre, however the movie turned out to be a disappointment.

Although, its starring Kiefer Sutherland one of my favorite intense actors and the director and one of the writers of the movie is Alexandre Aja the man behind “The Hill have eyes” so I expected the movie to actually rock. However it simply DID NOT..

The movie is about Ben Carson (Kiefer Sutherland) who is an ex-cop dealing with post-traumatic stress syndrome, who takes a job as a night watchman at an old luxury department store that was burned in a large fire. Soon after he begins his job, Ben is haunted by horrific visions in the large mirrors of the store at night. These entities begin to pursue him and his family, watching them through all reflective surfaces Ben’s family is near. In a desperate race to save himself and his estranged family from harm, Ben attempts to unveil the sordid story that these spirits want him to bring to light…before it is too late.

The movie was simply too gory for its own good which could have been a lot more better if it focused on the psychological thriller and creepiness of the theme that already has come across the mind of most of us, Who is there starring right back at us?

However unfortunately it did not focus on that at all and not to mention that the ending sucked big time. Not going to spoil it here but it you are going to watch that movie for the sake of not messing out on it. I suggest to not watch it at theatres and save the trip for another movie that is really worth your time..

Ratings in my world, 2/5


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